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heckle (ˈhɛkəl Pronunciation for heckle



  1. to interrupt (a public speaker, performer, etc) by comments, questions, or taunts
  2. Also: hackle, hatchel (transitive) to comb (hemp or flax)


  1. an instrument for combing flax or hemp

Derived Forms

ˈheckler noun

Word Origin

C15: Northern and East Anglian form of hackle


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= jeer, interrupt, shout down, disrupt, bait, barrack, boo, taunt, pester

Translations for 'heckle'

  • British English: heckle If people in an audience heckle public speakers or performers, they interrupt them, for example by making rude remarks. VERBThey heckled him and interrupted his address with angry questions.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: apartear
  • Chinese: 对…起哄对對…起哄鬨
  • European Spanish: interrumpir
  • French: chahuter
  • German: durch Zwischenrufe stören
  • Italian: impedire di parlare aun oratore
  • Japanese: 妨害する
  • Korean: 야유하다
  • Portuguese: importunar
  • Spanish: interrumpir

Example Sentences Including 'heckle'

For if he starts to heckle me I'll have Alex removed," chuckled Dormer today.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
It is much easier to heckle from the safety of the audience.
O'Connor, Joseph & Seymour, John Training with N.L.P.
New Democrat MP Svend Robinson has vowed to heckle a planned speech by the president to the House of Commons.
Toronto Sun (2003)
The following game the Texan told a boisterous fan to ``f... up' as another heckle disrupted his concentration on serve.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2005)
The next day the Nazi skins showed up in full force from Raleigh to heckle Ministry.
Maxim (2004)


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