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heckler (ˈheklə) 



  1. a person who calls out comments during a speech   ⇒ `They don't! They don't!' yelled a heckler.   ⇒ As he began his speech, a heckler called out asking for his opinion on gun control.

heckle (ˈhɛkəl Pronunciation for heckle



  1. to interrupt (a public speaker, performer, etc) by comments, questions, or taunts
  2. Also: hackle, hatchel (transitive) to comb (hemp or flax)


  1. an instrument for combing flax or hemp

Derived Forms

ˈheckler noun

Word Origin

C15: Northern and East Anglian form of hackle

Example Sentences Including 'heckler'

" GBH, GBH, GBH," chanted a heckler , referring to the crime of grievous bodily harm.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
"Just look at the pictures," shouted a male heckler from the government benches.
Times, Sunday Times (2001)
A typical constituency politician, he was also a witty debater in the last Dáil and had some expertise as a heckler.
Irish Times (2002)
Never give a heckler a rhetorical question to answer and never pose as a rich man whose life is threatened by a statement of principle.
Brian Thompson DEVASTATING EDEN: The Search for Utopia in America (2004)
Singh answered the taunt by sinking a short birdie putt, then motioning with his putter in the direction of the heckler.
Toronto Sun (2003)


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