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plural noun

  1. See henchman

henchman (ˈhɛntʃmən Pronunciation for henchman



(plural) -men
  1. a faithful attendant or supporter
  2. (archaic) a squire; page

Word Origin

C14: hengestman, from Old English hengest stallion + man; related to Old Norse hestr horse, Old High German hengist gelding

Example Sentences Including 'henchmen'

At the Chaarbagh railway station, Yadav was received by his henchmen.
India Today (1997)
For one, some of the menial tasks such as base building and instructing henchmen to return from overseas can take an awfully long time.
canada.com (2004)
Mr. Taylor and his henchmen not only financed and armed the rebel group, but played a key role in its organization.
Globe and Mail (2003)
She was not sure why she decided to suppress the next bit: how Wayne had tricked Cantrell's henchmen in Macclesfield.
Hilton, John Buxton Passion in the Peak
The two henchmen exchanging a loving kiss on the Black Tulip bed.
Victoria Coren, Charlie Skelton ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING: How we tried to make the greatest porn film ever (2002)
Two more henchmen dropped from the tunnel archway, crouched a second then straightened to stand with the Sidolis.
Gash, Jonathan The Tartan Ringers
Why, I mused, had the Judge and his henchmen waited four or five days before coming forward with their will?
Matthews, Lew A Conviction of Guilt


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