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hesitant  (ˈhɛzɪtənt



  1. wavering, hesitating, or irresolute

Derived Forms

ˈhesitance, ˈhesitancy  noun
ˈhesitantly  adverb


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= uncertain, reluctant, shy, halting, doubtful, sceptical, unsure, hesitating, wavering, timid, diffident, lacking confidence, vacillating, hanging back, irresolute, half-arsed (British) (slang), half-assed (US) ( & Canadian) (slang), half-hearted

Translations for 'hesitant'

  • British English: hesitant If you are hesitant about doing something, you do not do it quickly or immediately, usually because you are uncertain, embarrassed, or worried. ADJECTIVEShe was hesitant about coming forward with her story.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: hesitante
  • Chinese: 迟疑不决的迟遲疑不决決的
  • European Spanish: indeciso indecisa
  • French: hésitant hésitante
  • German: zögernd
  • Italian: indeciso indecisa
  • Japanese: ためらった
  • Korean: 주저하는
  • Portuguese: hesitante
  • Spanish: indeciso indecisa

Example Sentences Including 'hesitant'

Fragments of her garbled, hesitant , appalled version of events in that underground garage in Peshawar nagged at him.
Thomas, Craig The Last Raven
Or perhaps he was hesitant to reveal any limits to their Harshini power.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
The form rose up from its crouching position, and came a little way down the stairs, its gait hesitant.
Clive Barker GALILEE (2001)


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