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heterogeneous  (ˌhɛtərəʊˈdʒiːnɪəs



  1. composed of unrelated or differing parts or elements
  2. not of the same kind or type
  3. (chemistry) of, composed of, or concerned with two or more different phases Compare homogeneous

Derived Forms

heterogeneity  (ˌhɛtərəʊdʒɪˈniːɪtɪ , ˌheteroˈgeneousness  noun
ˌheteroˈgeneously  adverb

Word Origin

C17: from Medieval Latin heterogeneus, from Greek heterogenēs, from hetero- + genos sort

Example Sentences Including 'heterogeneous'

Davenport stared with astonishment at the heterogeneous mass of material that was jumbled together in no pretence at order.
Asimov, Isaac The Complete Stories Volume 2
The guests themselves were heterogeneous enough for anything to be taken for granted.
Thomas, Rosie The White Dove
Here, in eternal cold, the slow crumbling of the crater wall had simply piled fine rubble in a heterogeneous mass.
Asimov, Isaac The Complete Stories Volume 2


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