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hippy1 or hippie (ˈhɪpɪ Pronunciation for )



(plural) -pies
    1. (esp during the 1960s) a person whose behaviour, dress, use of drugs, etc, implied a rejection of conventional values
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒ hippy language

Word Origin

C20: see hip4


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= flower child, bohemian, dropout, free spirit, beatnik, basketweaver

hippy2 (ˈhɪpɪ Pronunciation for hippy2



-pier, -piest
  1. (informal) (esp of a woman) having large hips

Example Sentences Including 'hippy'

All kinds of hippy types sitting on their arses collecting the dole all summer.
Stuart Harrison LOST SUMMER (2002)
On a similar festival hand, Nelly Furtado is the pure distillation of festival chic, hippy chick.
NME (New Musical Express) (2002)
Partly a satire on hippy idealism, partly a tender study of the trials of human intimacy, this is a modest wonder.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Perhaps like the hippy woman she plays in the movie, Winslet was trying to escape the hype of modern living _ and her impending stardom.
Misc (1999)
She wore long skirts, against his express wishes, and sometimes even had a vaguely hippy look, reminding him of Vera.
That finally achieved, James and one of his new friends are sent on a mission to gather intelligence in a hippy commune.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2004)
You really have turned into a hippy ,' Julie says, shaking her head.
Scarlett Thomas GOING OUT (2002)
`Oh, they think it's weird - a total waste of time, and I'm just a drippy hippy.
Rice, Judith New Testaments


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