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hit  (hɪt



Word forms:   hits,  hitting,  hit
(mainly transitive)
  1. (also intransitive) to deal (a blow or stroke) to (a person or thing); strike   ⇒ the man hit the child
  2. to come into violent contact with   ⇒ the car hit the tree
  3. to reach or strike with a missile, thrown object, etc   ⇒ to hit a target
  4. to make or cause to make forceful contact; knock or bump   ⇒ I hit my arm on the table
  5. to propel or cause to move by striking   ⇒ to hit a ball
  6. (cricket) to score (runs)
  7. to affect (a person, place, or thing) suddenly or adversely   ⇒ his illness hit his wife very hard
  8. to become suddenly apparent to (a person)   ⇒ the reason for his behaviour hit me and made the whole episode clear
  9. to achieve or reach   ⇒ to hit the jackpot,   ⇒ unemployment hit a new high
  10. to experience or encounter   ⇒ I've hit a slight snag here
  11. (slang) to murder (a rival criminal) in fulfilment of an underworld contract or vendetta
  12. to accord or suit (esp in the phrase hit one's fancy)
  13. to guess correctly or find out by accident   ⇒ you have hit the answer
  14. (informal) to set out on (a road, path, etc)   ⇒ let's hit the road
  15. (informal) to arrive or appear in   ⇒ he will hit town tomorrow night
  16. (informal, mainly US & Canadian) to demand or request from   ⇒ he hit me for a pound
  17. (slang) to drink an excessive amount of (alcohol)   ⇒ to hit the bottle
  18. See hit it

  19. See hit skins

  20. See hit the sack

  21. See not know what has hit one


  1. an impact or collision
  2. a shot, blow, etc, that reaches its object
  3. an apt, witty, or telling remark
  4. (informal)
    1. a person or thing that gains wide appeal   ⇒ she's a hit with everyone
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒ a hit record
  5. (informal) a stroke of luck
  6. (slang)
    1. a murder carried out as the result of an underworld vendetta or rivalry
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒ a hit squad
  7. (slang) a drag on a cigarette, a swig from a bottle, a line of a drug, or an injection of heroin
  8. (computing) a single visit to a website
  9. See make a hit with

Word Origin

Old English hittan, from Old Norse hitta


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= strike, beat, knock, punch, belt (informal), deck (slang), bang, batter, clip (informal), slap, bash (informal), sock (slang), chin (slang), smack, thump, clout (informal), cuff, flog, whack, clobber (slang), smite (archaic), wallop (informal), swat, tonk (slang), lay one on (slang), beat or knock seven bells out of (informal)
= collide with, run into, bump into, clash with, smash into, crash against, bang into, meet head-on
= affect, damage, harm, ruin, devastate, overwhelm, touch, impact on, impinge on, leave a mark on, make an impact or impression on
= strike, come to, occur to, dawn on, enter your head
= blow, knock, stroke, belt (informal), rap, slap, bump, smack, clout (informal), cuff, swipe (informal), wallop (informal)
= success, winner, triumph, smash (informal), sensation, sellout, smasheroo (informal)

Quotations including 'hit'

  • "A hit, a very palpable hit" [William Shakespeare

Translations for 'hit'

  • British English: hit A hit is the act of a moving object touching another object very quickly or hard....a hit on the head.hɪt NOUN
  • Arabic: ضَرْبَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: batidacolisão
  • Chinese: 打击
  • Croatian: pogodak
  • Czech: náraz
  • Danish: træffer
  • Dutch: klap
  • European Spanish: golpeimpacto
  • Finnish: isku
  • French: coup
  • German: Schlag Schläge
  • Greek: χτύπημα
  • Italian: successo
  • Japanese: 衝突
  • Korean: 타격
  • Norwegian: støtslag
  • Polish: uderzeniekolizja
  • Portuguese: batida
  • Romanian: lovitură lovituri
  • Russian: удар
  • Spanish: golpe
  • Swedish: succé
  • Thai: การตี
  • Turkish: çarpma
  • Ukrainian: удар
  • Vietnamese: cú đánh
  • British English: hit If you hit something, you touch it with a lot of strength.She hit the ball with the bat.hɪt VERB
  • Arabic: يُصِيبُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bater
  • Chinese: 打击
  • Croatian: udariti
  • Czech: udeřit
  • Danish: ramme
  • Dutch: slaan
  • European Spanish: golpear
  • Finnish: lyödä
  • French: heurter
  • German: schlagen
  • Greek: χτυπώ
  • Italian: colpire
  • Japanese: 打つ
  • Korean: (...을) 때리다충돌
  • Norwegian: slå
  • Polish: uderzyć uderzać
  • Portuguese: bater
  • Romanian: a lovi
  • Russian: ударять
  • Spanish: golpear
  • Swedish: slåsmälla till
  • Thai: ตี
  • Turkish: vurmak
  • Ukrainian: бити вдарити
  • Vietnamese: đánh

Example Sentences Including 'hit'

Her knees hit the lip where glass met stone, sending a jarring pain through to her head.
Touchstone lunged and caught her before she could hit the ground, setting her back on her feet.
He hit her again, in the face this time, throwing her back against the carved bedpost.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)


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