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hoaxer (ˈhəʊksə) 



  1. (British) someone who deceives or plays jokes on (people), mainly


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= trickster, joker, prankster, spoofer, humbug, bamboozler, hoodwinker, practical joker

hoax (həʊks Pronunciation for hoax



  1. a deception, esp a practical joke


  1. (transitive) to deceive or play a joke on (someone)

Derived Forms

ˈhoaxer noun

Word Origin

C18: probably from hocus

Example Sentences Including 'hoaxer'

) But the rumour that Hong Kong is about to be declared an "infected port "proves to be the brainchild of an adolescent hoaxer.
Globe and Mail (2003)
A hoaxer may use live weakened anthrax found in veterinary vaccines, which is not dangerous.
New Scientist (1999)
New series starts with the Yorkshire Ripper investigation where police were misled by mystery hoaxer "Wearside Jack" for years.
Sun, News of the World (2001)
The report was the work of a hoaxer who hacked into the computer system.
Sun, News of the World (1999)


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