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hoax (həʊks Pronunciation for hoax



  1. a deception, esp a practical joke


  1. (transitive) to deceive or play a joke on (someone)

Derived Forms

ˈhoaxer noun

Word Origin

C18: probably from hocus


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= trick, joke, fraud, con, deception, spoof, prank, swindle, ruse, practical joke, canard, fast one, imposture, fastie
= deceive, trick, fool, take in, con, wind up, kid, bluff, dupe, gull, delude, swindle, bamboozle, gammon, hoodwink, take (someone) for a ride, befool, hornswoggle, scam

Translations for 'hoax'

  • British English: hoax A hoax is a trick in which someone tells people a lie, for example that a picture is genuine when it is not. NOUNHe denied making the hoax call but was convicted after a short trial.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: trote
  • Chinese: 谎报谎謊报報
  • European Spanish: broma
  • French: canular
  • German: Streich
  • Italian: scherzo
  • Japanese: でっち上げ
  • Korean: 속임
  • Portuguese: trote
  • Spanish: broma

Example Sentences Including 'hoax'

Either it was a meaningless hoax , or it was a cleverly disguised warning, deadly serious.
Heller, Keith Man's Loving Family
It was not a hoax : the police said they knew the voice well.
India Today (2002)
Piercey was playing for time, trying to decide if the call was genuine or some kind of hoax.
Harcourt, Palma A Matter of Conscience
Shadow studies proved, however, that the idea was a design hoax that could only work in the desert.
Globe and Mail (2003)
She scanned the board for a move that would box him in -- hex, hoax or harry him.
Sillitoe, Alan The Open Door
South African police and security services said the threats were a hoax.
New Zealand Herald (2003)
The judge at Southwark Crown Court said it was the most serious hoax call imaginable.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
The second alert began after a hoax device was found attached to railings at Dominican College in Fortwilliam.
Belfast Telegraph (2003)
`Was there some sort of stage managed hoax , in which clever crowd psychology had been employed?
Seward, Desmond The Dancing Sun


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