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Hogarthian (ˌhəʊˈɡɑːθɪən) 



  1. reminiscent of the engravings of William Hogarth, the English engraver and painter (1697--1764), in which he satirized contemporary vices and affectations

Hogarth (ˈhəʊɡɑːθ Pronunciation for Hogarth



  1. William. 1697–1764, English engraver and painter. He is noted particularly for his series of engravings satirizing the vices and affectations of his age, such as A Rake's Progress (1735) and Marriage à la Mode (1745)

Derived Forms

Hoˈgarthian adjective

Example Sentences Including 'Hogarthian'

The rashes may vary from faint to grotesquely obvious - all very Hogarthian.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Today I step over them on my doorstep and dodge them daily in the Hogarthian city streets.
Pimlott, Ben Frustrate Their Knavish Tricks


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