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Hogarth (ˈhəʊɡɑːθ Pronunciation for Hogarth



  1. William. 1697–1764, English engraver and painter. He is noted particularly for his series of engravings satirizing the vices and affectations of his age, such as A Rake's Progress (1735) and Marriage à la Mode (1745)

Derived Forms

Hoˈgarthian adjective

Example Sentences Including 'Hogarth'

For Newtownabbey schoolboy Conor Hogarth has already scaled the highest mountains in the UK.
Belfast Telegraph (2003)
George, H. (1966) [1879], Progress and Poverty, condensed edn (London: Hogarth Press).
Roper, Jon Democracy and its Critics - Anglo-American democratic thought in the nineteenth century
Hogarth , in an unusually loquacious mood, had explained to a disbelieving Posy that the Pinks were talented musicians.
Christina Jones TICKLED PINK (2002)
Hogarth , leaning on his elbows amongst the spillage stains, had his mouth open.
Christina Jones TICKLED PINK (2002)
Legends: John Hoult, Bruce Hogarth , Simon Billings, Roy Forbes.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2005)
Not much chance of Hogarth turning The Crooked Sixpence into the next JD Wetherspoons, then.
Christina Jones TICKLED PINK (2002)
Six other people besides the Hogarth children are under investigation for SARS.
Globe and Mail (2003)
The comparisons to Hogarth that have been made are just ridiculous.
Spiked (2003)


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