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homage  (ˈhɒmɪdʒ



  1. a public show of respect or honour towards someone or something (esp in the phrases pay or do homage to)
  2. (in feudal society)
    1. the act of respect and allegiance made by a vassal to his lord See also fealty
    2. something done in acknowledgment of vassalage

verb (transitive)

  1. (archaic ( or poetic) to render homage to

Word Origin

C13: from Old French, from home man, from Latin homo

Translations for 'homage'

  • British English: homage Homage is respect shown towards someone or something you admire, or to a person in authority. NOUNThe company has released two marvellous films that pay homage to our literary heritage.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: homenagem
  • Chinese: 崇敬
  • European Spanish: homenaje
  • French: hommage
  • German: Huldigung
  • Italian: omaggio
  • Japanese: 敬意
  • Korean: 경의
  • Portuguese: homenagem
  • Spanish: homenaje

Example Sentences Including 'homage'

Their eyes, or in the case of the ancients among them, their sockets, were set on him as they moved to do him homage.
Luke did homage to the uplifted curves of left arm and breast, the flat belly and long legs beneath faded grey cords.
Moore, Margaret Forests of the Night
It was there that he welcomed the Welsh Princes, and there that he accepted their oaths of homage and fealty.
Penman, Sharon Here Be Dragons


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