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hug (hʌɡ Pronunciation for hug



Word forms:  hugs,  hugging,  hugged
(mainly transitive)
  1. (also intransitive) to clasp (another person or thing) tightly or (of two people) to cling close together; embrace
  2. to keep close to a shore, kerb, etc
  3. to cling to (beliefs, etc); cherish
  4. to congratulate (oneself); be delighted with (oneself)


  1. a tight or fond embrace

Derived Forms

ˈhuggable adjective
ˈhugger noun

Word Origin

C16: probably of Scandinavian origin; related to Old Norse hugga to comfort, Old English hogian to take care of


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= embrace, hold (onto), cuddle, squeeze, cling, clasp, enfold, hold close, take in your arms
= clasp, hold (onto), grip, nurse, retain
= follow closely, keep close, stay near, cling to, follow the course of
= embrace, squeeze, bear hug, clinch, clasp

Translations for 'hug'

  • British English: hugPronunciation for hug If you give someone a hug, you put your arms around them and hold them tightly, for example because you like them or are pleased to see them.Syvil leapt out of the back seat, and gave him a hug.hʌɡ NOUN
  • Arabic: حَضَنPronunciation for حَضَن
  • Brazilian Portuguese: abraçoPronunciation for abraço
  • Chinese: 拥抱Pronunciation for 拥抱
  • Croatian: zagrljajPronunciation for zagrljaj
  • Czech: objetíPronunciation for objetí
  • Danish: knusPronunciation for knus
  • Dutch: knuffelPronunciation for knuffel
  • European Spanish: abrazoPronunciation for abrazo
  • Finnish: halausPronunciation for halaus
  • French: accoladePronunciation for accolade
  • German: UmarmungPronunciation for Umarmung
  • Greek: αγκαλιάPronunciation for αγκαλιά
  • Italian: abbraccioPronunciation for abbraccio
  • Japanese: 抱きしめることPronunciation for 抱きしめること
  • Korean: 포옹Pronunciation for 포옹
  • Norwegian: klemPronunciation for klem
  • Polish: uściskPronunciation for uścisk
  • Portuguese: abraçoPronunciation for abraço
  • Romanian: îmbrățișare îmbrățișări
  • Russian: объятиеPronunciation for объятие
  • Spanish: abrazoPronunciation for abrazo
  • Swedish: kramPronunciation for kram
  • Thai: การกอดPronunciation for การกอด
  • Turkish: kucaklamaPronunciation for kucaklama
  • Ukrainian: обійми
  • Vietnamese: cái ômPronunciation for cái ôm
  • British English: hugPronunciation for hug When you hug someone, you put your arms around them and hold them tightly, for example because you like them or are pleased to see them. You can also say that two people hug each other or that they hug.She had hugged him exuberantly and invited him to dinner the next day.hʌɡ VERB
  • Arabic: يَحْضُنُPronunciation for يَحْضُنُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: abraçarPronunciation for abraçar
  • Chinese: 拥抱Pronunciation for 拥抱
  • Croatian: zagrlitiPronunciation for zagrliti
  • Czech: obejmoutPronunciation for obejmout objímat
  • Danish: krammePronunciation for kramme
  • Dutch: omhelzenPronunciation for omhelzen
  • European Spanish: abrazarPronunciation for abrazar
  • Finnish: halataPronunciation for halata
  • French: serrer dans ses brasPronunciation for serrer dans ses bras
  • German: umarmenPronunciation for umarmen
  • Greek: αγκαλιάζωPronunciation for αγκαλιάζω
  • Italian: abbracciarePronunciation for abbracciare
  • Japanese: 抱きしめるPronunciation for 抱きしめる
  • Korean: ...을 껴안다Pronunciation for ...을 껴안다
  • Norwegian: klemmePronunciation for klemme
  • Polish: uściskaćPronunciation for uściskać ściskać
  • Portuguese: abraçarPronunciation for abraçar
  • Romanian: a îmbrățișa
  • Russian: обниматьPronunciation for обнимать
  • Spanish: abrazarPronunciation for abrazar
  • Swedish: kramaPronunciation for krama
  • Thai: กอดPronunciation for กอด
  • Turkish: kucaklamakPronunciation for kucaklamak
  • Ukrainian: обіймати обійняти
  • Vietnamese: ômPronunciation for ôm

Example Sentences Including 'hug'

At sight of their father, Felicity jumped the last four stairs and ran to hug him.
Brent-Dyer, Elinor Adrienne and the Chalet School
Afterwards, when she did sit down, she felt suddenly cold and had to hug herself to stop shaking.
St. James, Ian Final Resort
They said their farewells on the doorstep, stepping into an awkward hug , his lips brushing the soft skin under her ear.


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