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hydro1 (ˈhaɪdrəʊ Pronunciation for hydro1



(plural) -dros
  1. (British) (esp formerly) a hotel or resort, often near a spa, offering facilities for hydropathic treatment

hydro2 (ˈhaɪdrəʊ Pronunciation for hydro2



  1. short for hydroelectric


  1. a Canadian name for electricity when it is supplied to a residence, business, institution, etc

Hydro (ˈhaɪdrəʊ Pronunciation for Hydro



  1. (esp in Canada) a hydroelectric power company or board

hydro- or (sometimes before a vowel) hydr-


combining form

  1. indicating or denoting water, liquid, or fluid   ⇒ hydrolysis, hydrodynamics
  2. indicating the presence of hydrogen in a chemical compound   ⇒ hydrochloric acid
  3. indicating a hydroid   ⇒ hydrozoan

Word Origin

from Greek hudōr water

Example Sentences Including 'hydro'

Across the province, more than 800 B. C. hydro technicians walked off the job in support of striking hospital workers.
CBC (2004)
For months, Mr. Hampton has lumped the Liberals in with the Tories in his attacks on such issues as hydro deregulation.
Globe and Mail (2003)
H. S. wadhwa, CMD, National Insurance Co Ltd Raising hydro power's share to 40 % will cure India's power problems.
India Today (2002)


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