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hypothetically (ˌhaɪpəˈθetɪkəlɪ) 



  1. in a hypothetical manner   ⇒ Let's talk hypothetically.   ⇒ He was willing to discuss the possibilities hypothetically.

    hypothetically speaking   ⇒ Hypothetically speaking, what would happen if I refused to help?

hypothetical (ˌhaɪpəˈθɛtɪkəl Pronunciation for hypothetical or hypothetic



  1. having the nature of a hypothesis
  2. assumed or thought to exist
  3. (logic) another word for conditional (sense 4)
  4. existing only as an idea or concept   ⇒ a time machine is a hypothetical device

Derived Forms

ˌhypoˈthetically adverb

Example Sentences Including 'hypothetically'

"This could hypothetically cause a loss of function in critically valuable tissue that is spared just above the lesion," he says.
New Scientist (2004)
After which he was invariably willing to discuss the possibilities hypothetically.
Delman, David Death of a Nymph
Libel lawyers should note the use of the word hypothetically in that sentence.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
Suddenly the emptiness of my existence confronted me - hypothetically - I found myself
Williams Kenneth & Davies, Russell (ed.) The Kenneth Williams Diaries
There were slices of home-baked whole wheat bread and tumblers full of water from the hypothetically miraculous spring.
MacLeod, Charlotte Something in the Water
`Just hypothetically speaking, someone could ring the phone company and complain about their bill.
Anita Anderson SOMEBODY (2002)


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