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icecap (ˈaɪsˌkæp Pronunciation for icecap



  1. a thick mass of glacial ice and snow that permanently covers an area of land, such as either of the polar regions or the peak of a mountain

ice cap or ice-cap (aɪs kæp)



  1. another name for icecap

Example Sentences Including 'icecap'

Passengers will see the Polar icecap , South Magnetic Pole, rugged cliffs, kilometre long glaciers.
Australian News Misc (2004)
That ice could still lie under wind-blown dust, and if so, volcanoes could hold nearly as much ice as the planet's northern icecap.
New Scientist (1999)
To stand on polished-granite heights and look out on the icecap.
The Australian (2004)


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