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immeasurable  (ɪˈmɛʒərəbəl



  1. incapable of being measured, esp by virtue of great size; limitless

Derived Forms

imˌmeasuraˈbility, imˈmeasurableness  noun
imˈmeasurably  adverb

Example Sentences Including 'immeasurable'

And this morning Llewelyn gave me a gift of immeasurable value.
Penman, Sharon Here Be Dragons
He might have thought he was in trouble, but he needn't have worried; to the Los Angeles police, his insignificance was immeasurable.
Wright, L R Sleep While I Sing
To John's immeasurable relief, he saw figures the far side of the burning gorse, whose extremity they seemed to have reached.
NULL Dare Call It Treason


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