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imminent  (ˈɪmɪnənt



  1. liable to happen soon; impending
  2. (obsolete) jutting out or overhanging

Derived Forms

ˈimminence, ˈimminentness  noun
ˈimminently  adverb

Word Origin

C16: from Latin imminēre to project over, from im- (in) + -minēre to project; related to mons mountain


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= near, coming, close, approaching, threatening, gathering, on the way, in the air, forthcoming, looming, menacing, brewing, impending, at hand, upcoming, on the cards, on the horizon, in the pipeline, nigh (archaic), in the offing, fast-approaching, just round the corner, near-at-hand

Translations for 'imminent'

  • British English: imminent If you say that something is imminent, especially something unpleasant, you mean it is almost certain to happen very soon. ADJECTIVEThere appeared no imminent danger.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: iminente
  • Chinese: > 即将发生的尤指不好的事情> 即将將发發生的
  • European Spanish: inminente
  • French: imminent imminente
  • German: bevorstehend
  • Italian: imminente
  • Japanese: >目前に迫った嫌な事が
  • Korean: 임박한
  • Portuguese: iminente
  • Spanish: inminente

Example Sentences Including 'imminent'

Terbolt's announcement of their imminent departure drew no visible reaction from R'shiel.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
With arrival of his steaming reindeer stew imminent , Arvo analysed this particular manifestation of assumed indifference.
Low, Ona To His Just Desserts
Even the rats and pigs couldn't dissipate Petra's feeling of imminent triumph.


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