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immoral  (ɪˈmɒrəl



  1. transgressing accepted moral rules; corrupt
  2. sexually dissolute; profligate or promiscuous
  3. unscrupulous or unethical   ⇒ immoral trading
  4. tending to corrupt or resulting from corruption   ⇒ an immoral film,   ⇒ immoral earnings

Derived Forms

imˈmorally  adverb

Translations for 'immoral'

  • British English: immoral If you describe someone or their behaviour as immoral, you mean that their behaviour is bad or wrong.Terrorism is illegal and immoral.ɪˈmɒrəl ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: لا أَخْلاقِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: imoral
  • Chinese: 不道德的
  • Croatian: nemoralan nemoralna
  • Czech: nemorální
  • Danish: moralsk
  • Dutch: immoreel
  • European Spanish: inmoral
  • Finnish: moraaliton
  • French: immoral
  • German: unmoralisch
  • Greek: ανήθικος ανήθικη
  • Italian: immorale
  • Japanese: 不道徳な
  • Korean: 부도덕한
  • Norwegian: umoralsk
  • Polish: niemoralny niemoralna
  • Portuguese: imoral
  • Romanian: imoral imoral, imorală, imorali, imorale
  • Russian: аморальный аморальная
  • Spanish: inmoral
  • Swedish: omoralisk omoraliskt
  • Thai: ผิดศีลธรรม
  • Turkish: ahlak dışı
  • Ukrainian: аморальний
  • Vietnamese: trái đạo đức

Example Sentences Including 'immoral'

"'It's not immoral , it's for the missionaries," he replied.
Secombe, Fred Goodbye Curate
For her the West is spoilt, immoral , the empire of Babylon.
Low, Ona To His Just Desserts
Hazel was very taken with a grey fur muff which Bartlemy said was chinchilla, though she knew fur was immoral.
Amanda Hemingway THE GREENSTONE GRAIL: The Sangreal Trilogy One (2004)


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