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immoral (ɪˈmɒrəl Pronunciation for immoral



  1. transgressing accepted moral rules; corrupt
  2. sexually dissolute; profligate or promiscuous
  3. unscrupulous or unethical   ⇒ immoral trading
  4. tending to corrupt or resulting from corruption   ⇒ an immoral film, immoral earnings

Derived Forms

imˈmorally adverb

Translations for 'immoral'

  • British English: immoralPronunciation for immoral If you describe someone or their behaviour as immoral, you mean that their behaviour is bad or wrong.Terrorism is illegal and immoral.ɪˈmɒrəl ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: لا أَخْلاقِيّPronunciation for لا أَخْلاقِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: imoralPronunciation for imoral
  • Chinese: 不道德的Pronunciation for 不道德的
  • Croatian: nemoralanPronunciation for nemoralan nemoralna
  • Czech: nemorálníPronunciation for nemorální
  • Danish: moralskPronunciation for moralsk
  • Dutch: immoreelPronunciation for immoreel
  • European Spanish: inmoralPronunciation for inmoral
  • Finnish: moraalitonPronunciation for moraaliton
  • French: immoralPronunciation for immoral
  • German: unmoralischPronunciation for unmoralisch
  • Greek: ανήθικοςPronunciation for ανήθικος ανήθικη
  • Italian: immoralePronunciation for immorale
  • Japanese: 不道徳なPronunciation for 不道徳な
  • Korean: 부도덕한Pronunciation for 부도덕한
  • Norwegian: umoralskPronunciation for umoralsk
  • Polish: niemoralnyPronunciation for niemoralny niemoralna
  • Portuguese: imoralPronunciation for imoral
  • Romanian: imoral imoral, imorală, imorali, imorale
  • Russian: аморальныйPronunciation for аморальный аморальная
  • Spanish: inmoralPronunciation for inmoral
  • Swedish: omoraliskPronunciation for omoralisk omoraliskt
  • Thai: ผิดศีลธรรมPronunciation for ผิดศีลธรรม
  • Turkish: ahlak dışıPronunciation for ahlak dışı
  • Ukrainian: аморальний
  • Vietnamese: trái đạo đứcPronunciation for trái đạo đức

Example Sentences Including 'immoral'

"'It's not immoral , it's for the missionaries," he replied.
Secombe, Fred Goodbye Curate
Apparently they did not consider the idea of the world's richest sport asking taxpayers to donate money in the least bit immoral.
Megastar (2004)
At a time when waiting lists are at such a high level, that we should be cutting back on services is immoral.
Irish Times (2002)
Believing the word of both was impossible, it was madness, it was immoral ; it was exactly what she did.
Pamela Petro THE SLOW BREATH OF STONE: A Romanesque Love Story (2005)
For her the West is spoilt, immoral , the empire of Babylon.
Low, Ona To His Just Desserts
Hazel was very taken with a grey fur muff which Bartlemy said was chinchilla, though she knew fur was immoral.
Amanda Hemingway THE GREENSTONE GRAIL: The Sangreal Trilogy One (2004)
However, the causes which make them so desperate and make them do such undesirable and totally immoral activities must also be looked into.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
To have a jail like that right next to our community is just... immoral.
Edmonton Sun (2003)


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