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Indian Ocean



  1. an ocean bordered by Africa in the west, Asia in the north, and Australia in the east and merging with the Antarctic Ocean in the south. Average depth: 3900 m (13 000 ft). Greatest depth (off the Sunda Islands): 7450 m (24 442 ft). In December 2004 a major undersea earthquake off Sumatra triggered a tsunami which affected large areas of the ocean as far away as east Africa, and killed an estimated 226 435 people. Area: about 73 556 000 sq km (28 400 000 sq miles)

Translations for 'Indian Ocean'

  • British English: Indian OceanPronunciation for Indian Ocean The Indian Ocean is an ocean bordered by Africa in the west, Asia in the north, and Australia in the east, and merging with the Antarctic Ocean in the south.ˈɪndɪən ˈəʊʃən NOUN
  • Arabic: الـمُحِيطُ الهِنْدِيPronunciation for الـمُحِيطُ الهِنْدِي
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Oceano ÍndicoPronunciation for Oceano Índico
  • Chinese: 印度洋Pronunciation for 印度洋
  • Croatian: Indijski oceanPronunciation for Indijski ocean
  • Czech: Indický oceánPronunciation for Indický oceán
  • Danish: Det Indiske OceanPronunciation for Det Indiske Ocean
  • Dutch: Indische OceaanPronunciation for Indische Oceaan
  • European Spanish: océano ÍndicoPronunciation for océano Índico
  • Finnish: Intian valtameriPronunciation for Intian valtameri
  • French: Océan IndienPronunciation for Océan Indien
  • German: Indischer OzeanPronunciation for Indischer Ozean
  • Greek: Ινδικός ΩκεανόςPronunciation for Ινδικός Ωκεανός
  • Italian: Oceano IndianoPronunciation for Oceano Indiano
  • Japanese: インド洋Pronunciation for インド洋
  • Korean: 인도해Pronunciation for 인도해
  • Norwegian: Det indiske havPronunciation for Det indiske hav
  • Polish: Ocean IndyjskiPronunciation for Ocean Indyjski
  • Portuguese: Oceano ÍndicoPronunciation for Oceano Índico
  • Romanian: Oceanul Indian
  • Russian: Индийский океанPronunciation for Индийский океан
  • Spanish: océano ÍndicoPronunciation for océano Índico
  • Swedish: Indiska oceanenPronunciation for Indiska oceanen
  • Thai: มหาสมุทรอินเดียPronunciation for มหาสมุทรอินเดีย
  • Turkish: Hint OkyanusuPronunciation for Hint Okyanusu
  • Ukrainian: Індійський океан
  • Vietnamese: Ấn Độ DươngPronunciation for Ấn Độ Dương

Example Sentences Including 'Indian Ocean'

) Yes, even alone in the middle of the Indian Ocean , the phone rings five or six times a day.
Globe and Mail (2003)
All eyes are turned on the Sixth Fleet, which is fortuitously (as it turns out) conducting exercises in the Indian Ocean.
Brandon, Ruth Left, Right and Centre
But key officials within Indian Ocean nations could not be reached.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
Eventually, India may be forced to switch to a defensive, limited sea control policy in the Indian Ocean.
India Today (1996)
He had long forgotten the stillness of the Indian Ocean and it brought him a tranquillity he hadn't known for years.
Pacter, Trudi Yellow Bird
Instead she, Neil and Jessica holidayed on the tropical paradise island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.
Sun, News of the World (2001)
It could have been anywhere on the Atlantic coast in the west to the Indian Ocean in the east.
Jenkins, Geoffrey A Daystar of Fear
Nearly two hundred years later, the flow of spices across the Indian Ocean has been reversed, with Indonesia now a net importer of cloves.
Jack Turner SPICE: The History of a Temptation (2004)
The alert system for the Indian Ocean was pledged be up and running in 12 to 18 months.
Samachar (2005)


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