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inexperience  (ˌɪnɪkˈspɪərɪəns



  1. lack of experience or of the knowledge and understanding derived from experience

Derived Forms

ˌinexˈperienced  adjective


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= unfamiliarity, ignorance, newness, rawness, greenness, callowness, unexpertness

Quotations including 'inexperience'

  • "You cannot put an old head on young shoulders"

Translations for 'inexperience'

  • British English: inexperience If you refer to someone's inexperience, you mean that they have little knowledge or experience of a particular situation or activity. NOUNCritics attacked the youth and inexperience of his staff.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: inexperiência
  • Chinese: 缺乏经验缺乏经經验驗
  • European Spanish: inexperiencia
  • French: manque d'expérience
  • German: Unerfahrenheit
  • Italian: inesperienza
  • Japanese: 無経験
  • Korean: 미숙
  • Portuguese: inexperiência
  • Spanish: inexperiencia

Example Sentences Including 'inexperience'

It was probably also a symptom of inexperience , a matter of trying a touch too hard.
Richard Francis PROSPECT HILL (2003)
They didn't recognize him but, judging by his inexperience in the art of pursuit, they guessed that he was pretty new to the job.
MacNeill, Alastair Code Breaker
The blame for those aberrations must lie with my then-friend Tinmeer, by whom, in my inexperience , I regrettably let myself be directed.
David Cavanagh MUSIC FOR BOYS (2003)


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