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inexperienced (ˌɪnɪkˈspɪərɪənst) 



  1. lacking experience or the knowledge and understanding derived from experience   ⇒ They are inexperienced when it comes to decorating.   ⇒ Routine tasks are often delegated to inexperienced young doctors.   ⇒ inexperienced drivers

    to be inexperienced in sth   ⇒ She is remarkably self-confident for someone so inexperienced in political affairs.


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= new, unskilled, untrained, green, fresh, amateur, raw, unfamiliar, unused, callow, immature, unaccustomed, untried, unschooled, wet behind the ears, unacquainted, unseasoned, unpractised, unversed, unfledged,

inexperience (ˌɪnɪkˈspɪərɪəns Pronunciation for inexperience



  1. lack of experience or of the knowledge and understanding derived from experience

Derived Forms

ˌinexˈperienced adjective

Translations for 'inexperienced'

  • British English: inexperiencedPronunciation for inexperienced If you are inexperienced, you have little or no experience of a particular activity....an easy-to-use program for inexperienced computer users.ˌɪnɪkˈspɪərɪənst ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: قَلِيلُ الـخِبْرَةُPronunciation for قَلِيلُ الـخِبْرَةُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: inexperientePronunciation for inexperiente
  • Chinese: 缺乏经验的Pronunciation for 缺乏经验的
  • Croatian: neiskusanPronunciation for neiskusan neiskusna
  • Czech: nezkušenýPronunciation for nezkušený
  • Danish: uerfarenPronunciation for uerfaren
  • Dutch: onervarenPronunciation for onervaren
  • European Spanish: inexpertoPronunciation for inexperto inexperta
  • Finnish: kokematonPronunciation for kokematon
  • French: inexpérimentéPronunciation for inexpérimenté
  • German: unerfahrenPronunciation for unerfahren
  • Greek: άπειροςPronunciation for άπειρος άπειρηχωρίς πείρα
  • Italian: inespertoPronunciation for inesperto inesperta
  • Japanese: 経験のないPronunciation for 経験のない
  • Korean: 미숙한Pronunciation for 미숙한
  • Norwegian: uerfarenPronunciation for uerfaren
  • Polish: niedoświadczonyPronunciation for niedoświadczony niedoświadczona
  • Portuguese: inexperientePronunciation for inexperiente
  • Romanian: lipsit de experiență lipsit, lipsită, lipsiți, lipsite de experiență
  • Russian: неопытныйPronunciation for неопытный неопытная
  • Spanish: inexpertoPronunciation for inexperto inexperta
  • Swedish: oerfarenPronunciation for oerfaren oerfaret
  • Thai: ไม่มีประสบการณ์Pronunciation for ไม่มีประสบการณ์
  • Turkish: deneyimsizPronunciation for deneyimsiz
  • Ukrainian: недосвідчений
  • Vietnamese: thiếu kinh nghiệmPronunciation for thiếu kinh nghiệm

Example Sentences Including 'inexperienced'

And the pace was freakishly fast, a tactic, I assumed, to shake off the inexperienced runners.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Dena wondered what was wrong with them, adults who had lived for a long time in a sophisticated world acting like inexperienced adolescents.
Gaskin, Catherine The Ambassador's Women
Fake cigars are generally rolled too tightly by inexperienced rollers.
Glasgow Herald (2002)
He was tired or immature or inexperienced or incompetent or over-confident -- he may have been all those things at the same time.
Maclean, Alistair San Andreas
His confidence in victory began to falter as he considered the stark reality that he was `fighting a war with very inexperienced chaps.
Patrick Bishop FIGHTER BOYS: Saving Britain 1940 (2003)
Home, her mother, the curious upset in her brief, inexperienced life?
Skelton, Alison Scott An Older Woman
Ottawa was "supposed to "rock'n ' roll all over its inexperienced foe.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
Promoters inexperienced in the proposed line of activity.
Business Today (1996)
They're still young and inexperienced but they're learning and, most of all, they are very keen and anxious to learn.
Irish Times (2002)


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