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integrative (ˈɪntɪˌɡreɪtɪv) 



  1. unifying; producing integration




 (ˈɪntɪˌɡreɪt Pronunciation for
  1. to make or be made into a whole; incorporate or be incorporated
  2. (transitive) to designate (a school, park, etc) for use by all races or groups; desegregate
  3. to amalgamate or mix (a racial or religious group) with an existing community
  4. (mathematics) to perform an integration on (a quantity, expression, etc)


 (ˈɪntɪɡrɪt Pronunciation for
  1. made up of parts; integrated

Derived Forms

integrable (ˈɪntəɡrəbəl Pronunciation for integrable  adjective
ˌintegraˈbility noun
ˈinteˌgrative adjective

Word Origin

C17: from Latin integrāre; see integer

Example Sentences Including 'integrative'

"Sixty per cent of people in Alberta at one time will use integrative medicine.
canada.com (2005)
Secondly, to maintain social cohesiveness, new integrative mechanisms arise.
Harrison, David The Sociology of Modernization and Development
The approach for chronic pain is likely to be multidisciplinary and indeed integrative.
canada.com (2005)
The sequence of tool-usage is important because not all tools are integrative.
Business Today (1998)


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