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Definitions of intimate

intimate1 (ˈɪntɪmɪt



  1. characterized by a close or warm personal relationship   ⇒  ■ an intimate friend
  2. deeply personal, private, or secret
  3. (often postpositive) foll by with (euphemistic) having sexual relations (with)
    1. (postpositive) foll by with having a deep or unusual knowledge (of)
    2. (of knowledge) deep; extensive
  4. having a friendly, warm, or informal atmosphere   ⇒  ■ an intimate nightclub
  5. of or relating to the essential part or nature of something; intrinsic
  6. denoting the informal second person of verbs and pronouns in French and other languages



  1. a close friend

Derived Forms

ˈintimately  adverb
ˈintimateness, or (archaic) intimity (ɪnˈtɪmɪtɪ)   noun

Word Origin

C17: from Latin intimus very close friend, from (adj): innermost, deepest, from intus within


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= close, dear, loving, near, warm, friendly, familiar, thick (informal), devoted, confidential, cherished, bosom, inseparable, nearest and dearest
= sexual, romantic, private, sexy, erotic, sensual, carnal, of the flesh, coital
= cosy, relaxed, friendly, informal, harmonious, snug, comfy (informal), warm
= friend, close friend, buddy (informal), mate (informal), pal, comrade, chum (informal), mucker (British) (slang), crony, main man (slang) (mainly US), china (British) (slang), homeboy (slang) (mainly US), cobber (Australian) ( & New Zealand) (old-fashioned) (informal), bosom friend, familiar, confidant or confidante, (constant) companion, gossip (archaic), E hoa (New Zealand)

intimate2 (ˈɪntɪˌmeɪt


verb (transitive; may take a clause as object)

  1. to hint; suggest
  2. to proclaim; make known

Derived Forms

ˈintiˌmater  noun

Word Origin

C16: from Late Latin intimāre to proclaim, from Latin intimus innermost


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= suggest, indicate, hint, imply, warn, allude, let it be known, insinuate, give (someone) to understand, drop a hint, tip (someone) the wink (British) (informal)

Translations for 'intimate'

  • British English: intimate If two people have an intimate friendship, they are very good friends.I told my intimate friends I wanted to have a baby.ˈɪntɪmɪt ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: حَمِيمٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: íntimo íntima
  • Chinese: 亲密的
  • Croatian: intiman intimna
  • Czech: důvěrný
  • Danish: intim
  • Dutch: intiem
  • European Spanish: íntimo íntima
  • Finnish: läheinen
  • French: intime
  • German: intim
  • Greek: οικείος οικεία
  • Italian: intimo intima
  • Japanese: 親しい
  • Korean: 친밀한
  • Norwegian: intim
  • Polish: intymny intymna
  • Portuguese: íntimo íntima
  • Romanian: intim intim, intimă, intimi, intime
  • Russian: близкий близкая
  • Spanish: íntimo íntima
  • Swedish: intim intimt
  • Thai: สนิท
  • Turkish: yakın
  • Ukrainian: тісний
  • Vietnamese: thân mật
  • British English: intimate If you intimate something, you say it in an indirect way. VERBHe went on to intimate that he was indeed contemplating a shake-up of the company.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: insinuar
  • Chinese: 暗示
  • European Spanish: dar a entender
  • French: laisser entendre
  • German: andeuten
  • Italian: lasciare intendere
  • Japanese: 暗示する
  • Korean: 넌지시 알리다
  • Portuguese: insinuar
  • Spanish: dar a entender

Example Sentences Including 'intimate'

It was misty, close, everything intimate , the telegraph wires against thick creamy clouds like matted fleeces, the birds huddling.
Gee, Maggie Lost Children
He smiled gently and touched her cheek in a strangely intimate gesture.
Higgins, Jack Confessional
An announcer's off-screen voice listed them, giving intimate details of better times beyond recall.
Forbes, Bryan The Endless Game


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