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introduce  (ˌɪntrəˈdjuːs


verb (transitive)

  1. (often followed by to) to present (someone) by name (to another person) or (two or more people to each other)
  2. (followed by to) to cause to experience for the first time   ⇒ to introduce a visitor to beer
  3. to present for consideration or approval, esp before a legislative body   ⇒ to introduce a draft bill
  4. to bring in; establish   ⇒ to introduce decimal currency
  5. to present (a radio or television programme, etc) verbally
  6. (followed by with) to start   ⇒ he introduced his talk with some music
  7. (often followed by into) to insert or inject   ⇒ he introduced the needle into his arm
  8. to place (members of a species of plant or animal) in a new environment with the intention of producing a resident breeding population

Derived Forms

ˌintroˈducer  noun
ˌintroˈducible  adjective

Word Origin

C16: from Latin intrōdūcere to bring inside, from intro- + dūcere to lead


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= bring in, establish, set up, start, begin, found, develop, launch, institute, organize, pioneer, initiate, originate, commence, get going, instigate, phase in, usher in, inaugurate, set in motion, bring into being
= present, acquaint, make known, familiarize, do the honours, make the introduction
= add, insert, inject, throw in (informal), infuse, interpose, interpolate
= insert, put in, add, drive, shoot, feed, inject

Translations for 'introduce'

  • British English: introduce To introduce something means to cause it to enter a place or exist in a system for the first time.They are introducing new rules for student visas.ˌɪntrəˈdjuːs VERB
  • Arabic: يُقَدِّمُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: apresentar
  • Chinese: 介绍
  • Croatian: uvesti
  • Czech: zavést zavádětopatření
  • Danish: introducere
  • Dutch: introduceren
  • European Spanish: introducir
  • Finnish: esitellä
  • French: présenteramis
  • German: bekannt machen
  • Greek: συστήνω
  • Italian: presentare
  • Japanese: 紹介する
  • Korean: 소개하다누구를 소개하다
  • Norwegian: introdusere
  • Polish: wprowadzić wprowadzać
  • Portuguese: introduzir
  • Romanian: a introduce
  • Russian: вводить
  • Spanish: introducir presentar
  • Swedish: introducera
  • Thai: แนะนำ
  • Turkish: tanıtmak
  • Ukrainian: вводити ввести
  • Vietnamese: giới thiệu

Example Sentences Including 'introduce'

And now, without further ado, let me introduce our benefactor and my dear, dear friend, General Winthrop Chomsky.
Smith, Evelyn E Miss Melville Regrets
Allow me to introduce you to Ms Nicole Auger,' Dennison said, then turned to Nicole beside him.
MacNeill, Alastair The Devil's Door
Now, if you've finished your coffee I'll introduce you to Mrs Southern.
Fraser, Anthea Pretty Maids all in a Row


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