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invention (ɪnˈvɛnʃən Pronunciation for invention



  1. the act or process of inventing
  2. something that is invented
  3. (patent law) the discovery or production of some new or improved process or machine that is both useful and is not obvious to persons skilled in the particular field
  4. creative power or ability; inventive skill
  5. (euphemistic) a fabrication; lie
  6. (in traditional rhetoric) one of the five steps in preparing a speech or discourse: the process of finding suitable topics on which to talk or write
  7. (music) a short piece consisting of two or three parts usually in imitative counterpoint
  8. (sociology) the creation of a new cultural pattern or trait

Derived Forms

inˈventional adjective
inˈventionless adjective


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= fiction, story, fantasy, lie, yarn, fabrication, concoction, falsehood, fib, untruth, urban myth, prevarication, tall story, urban legend, figment or product of (someone's) imagination
= creativity, vision, imagination, initiative, enterprise, inspiration, genius, brilliance, ingenuity, originality, inventiveness, resourcefulness, creativeness, ingeniousness, imaginativeness

Translations for 'invention'

  • British English: inventionPronunciation for invention An invention is a machine or system that has been invented by someone.Paper was a Chinese invention.ɪnˈvɛnʃən NOUN
  • Arabic: إِخْتِرَاعٌPronunciation for إِخْتِرَاعٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: invençãoPronunciation for invenção
  • Chinese: 发明Pronunciation for 发明
  • Croatian: izumPronunciation for izum
  • Czech: vynálezPronunciation for vynález
  • Danish: opfindelsePronunciation for opfindelse
  • Dutch: uitvindingPronunciation for uitvinding
  • European Spanish: invenciónPronunciation for invención
  • Finnish: keksintöPronunciation for keksintö
  • French: inventionPronunciation for invention
  • German: ErfindungPronunciation for Erfindung
  • Greek: εφεύρεσηPronunciation for εφεύρεση
  • Italian: invenzionePronunciation for invenzione
  • Japanese: 発明Pronunciation for 発明
  • Korean: 발명Pronunciation for 발명
  • Norwegian: oppfinnelsePronunciation for oppfinnelse
  • Polish: wynalazekPronunciation for wynalazek
  • Portuguese: invençãoPronunciation for invenção
  • Romanian: invenție invenții
  • Russian: изобретениеPronunciation for изобретение
  • Spanish: invenciónPronunciation for invención
  • Swedish: uppfinningPronunciation for uppfinning
  • Thai: การประดิษฐ์Pronunciation for การประดิษฐ์
  • Turkish: icatPronunciation for icat
  • Ukrainian: винахід
  • Vietnamese: sự phát minhPronunciation for sự phát minh

Example Sentences Including 'invention'

A small but smart blend of ideas, formal invention within real-time conversation, and a good love story.
Globe and Mail (2005)
But some years later, the invention of plastic rollers and curlers threatened to put him out of business.
Globe and Mail (2003)
But the most universal human method of bridging the Void has always been the invention of religion.
Zindell, David The Broken God
In spite of what the current managers may believe, hyperbole is not a recent invention where this fixture is concerned.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
It is about the invention of a cure for flaccid virile organs.
New Scientist (1998)
Somebody pointed out that, strictly speaking, electricity was a discovery, not an invention.
Tapply, William G A Rodent of Doubt
The invention of a practical, petrol-driven motor-car had more or less kept pace with Marconi's own development of wireless telegraphy.
Gavin Weightman SIGNOR MARCONI'S MAGIC BOX: The invention that sparked the radio revolution (2003)
They were disciplined and worked hard but there was a terrible lack of invention.
Liverpool Daily Post and Echo (2003)
`I want to invent the present," she said to me, `the past is an outworn invention.
Appiganesi, Lisa Dreams of Innocence


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