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jiffy  (ˈdʒɪfɪ or jiff  (dʒɪf



Word forms:   plural jiffies jiffs
  1. (informal) a very short time   ⇒ wait a jiffy

Word Origin

C18: of unknown origin


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= moment, second, flash, instant, twinkling, split second, trice, bat of an eye (informal)

Example Sentences Including 'jiffy'

Even at this moment he had time to think: I bet Art whisked it off in a jiffy -- but this time, so did I.
Richard Francis PROSPECT HILL (2003)
Finally, satisfied with the result, she said, "Drop by when you've finished and I'll wipe it off in a jiffy.
Peter Robinson AFTERMATH (2001)
If anybody'd rather have hot, I can boil the kettle in a jiffy.
MacLeod, Charlotte Something in the Water


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