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jobless  (ˈdʒɒblɪs



    1. unemployed
    2. (as collective noun; preceded by the)   ⇒ the jobless

Derived Forms

ˈjoblessness  noun


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= unemployed, redundant, out of work, on the dole (British) (informal), inactive, out of a job, unoccupied, idle

Translations for 'jobless'

  • British English: jobless Someone who is jobless does not have a job, but would like one....jobless people.ˈdʒɒblɪs ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: عَاطِلٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: desempregado desempregada
  • Chinese: 失业的
  • Croatian: besposlen
  • Czech: nezaměstnaný
  • Danish: arbejdsløs
  • Dutch: werkloos
  • European Spanish: desempleado desempleada
  • Finnish: työtön
  • French: chômeur chômeuse
  • German: arbeitslos
  • Greek: άνεργος άνεργη
  • Italian: disoccupato disoccupata
  • Japanese: 失業中の
  • Korean: 실직의
  • Norwegian: arbeidsløs
  • Polish: bezrobotny bezrobotna
  • Portuguese: desempregado desempregada
  • Romanian: șomer șomer, șomeră, șomeri, șomere
  • Russian: безработный безработная
  • Spanish: desempleado desempleada
  • Swedish: arbetslös arbetslöst
  • Thai: ไม่มีงาน
  • Turkish: işsiz
  • Ukrainian: безробітний
  • Vietnamese: thất nghiệp


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