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jobless (ˈdʒɒblɪs Pronunciation for jobless



    1. unemployed
    2. (as collective noun; preceded by the)   ⇒ the jobless

Derived Forms

ˈjoblessness noun


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= unemployed, redundant, out of work, on the dole, inactive, out of a job, unoccupied, idle

Translations for 'jobless'

  • British English: joblessPronunciation for jobless Someone who is jobless does not have a job, but would like one....jobless people.ˈdʒɒblɪs ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: عَاطِلٌPronunciation for عَاطِلٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: desempregadoPronunciation for desempregado desempregada
  • Chinese: 失业的Pronunciation for 失业的
  • Croatian: besposlenPronunciation for besposlen
  • Czech: nezaměstnanýPronunciation for nezaměstnaný
  • Danish: arbejdsløsPronunciation for arbejdsløs
  • Dutch: werkloosPronunciation for werkloos
  • European Spanish: desempleadoPronunciation for desempleado desempleada
  • Finnish: työtönPronunciation for työtön
  • French: chômeurPronunciation for chômeur chômeuse
  • German: arbeitslosPronunciation for arbeitslos
  • Greek: άνεργοςPronunciation for άνεργος άνεργη
  • Italian: disoccupatoPronunciation for disoccupato disoccupata
  • Japanese: 失業中のPronunciation for 失業中の
  • Korean: 실직의Pronunciation for 실직의
  • Norwegian: arbeidsløsPronunciation for arbeidsløs
  • Polish: bezrobotnyPronunciation for bezrobotny bezrobotna
  • Portuguese: desempregadoPronunciation for desempregado desempregada
  • Romanian: șomer șomer, șomeră, șomeri, șomere
  • Russian: безработныйPronunciation for безработный безработная
  • Spanish: desempleadoPronunciation for desempleado desempleada
  • Swedish: arbetslösPronunciation for arbetslös arbetslöst
  • Thai: ไม่มีงานPronunciation for ไม่มีงาน
  • Turkish: işsizPronunciation for işsiz
  • Ukrainian: безробітний
  • Vietnamese: thất nghiệpPronunciation for thất nghiệp

Example Sentences Including 'jobless'

Belfast fares slightly better than Derry with a jobless rate of 9.6 %, compared to the other town's 12 %.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
Private economists had expected a rise in the jobless rate to only 5.6 per cent.
Irish Times (2002)
Similarly, the slump in the real-estate business has rendered 40 per cent of casual workers in the sector jobless.
India Today (1998)
Temporary workers have a tendency to stay on even when unemployed, especially when jobless benefits are available.
Ogden, Philip E & White, Paul E (eds.) Migrants in Modern France: Population Mobility in the Later Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
The US jobless rate climbed to 4.9 % last month, compared to 4.5 % in July.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
The jobless rate dropped to 5.7 per cent from an eight-year high of 6 per cent in December, the U. S. Labor Department reported yesterday.
Globe and Mail (2003)


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