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joblessness (ˈdʒɒbləsnɪs) 



  1. unemployment   ⇒ Concern over the rising level of joblessness was a feature of yesterday's debate.

jobless (ˈdʒɒblɪs Pronunciation for jobless



    1. unemployed
    2. (as collective noun; preceded by the)   ⇒ the jobless

Derived Forms

ˈjoblessness noun

Example Sentences Including 'joblessness'

At 12 per cent, joblessness in Montluçon is nearly four points above the national average.
Irish Times (2002)
Headline official data showed a further fall in joblessness , while overall employment continued to climb to record levels.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)
In a country lacking a welfare net, sudden joblessness can be very traumatic.
India Today (1997)
Premier Peter Beattie cautiously welcomed the news but warned there was much to do to reduce the joblessness.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2002)
That is likely to combine with a further rise in joblessness on Wednesday to stoke calls for the Bank to cut rates again.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
When the present troubles started, the rate of joblessness in the province was lower than in much of south-east England today.
Pimlott, Ben Frustrate Their Knavish Tricks


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