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 (dʒʌst Pronunciation for
    1. fair or impartial in action or judgment
    2. (as collective noun; preceded by the)   ⇒ the just
  1. conforming to high moral standards; honest
  2. consistent with justice   ⇒ a just action
  3. rightly applied or given; deserved   ⇒ a just reward
  4. legally valid; lawful   ⇒ a just inheritance
  5. well-founded; reasonable   ⇒ just criticism
  6. correct, accurate, or true   ⇒ a just account


 (dʒʌst Pronunciation for ; unstressed dʒəst Pronunciation for
  1. used with forms of have to indicate an action performed in the very recent past   ⇒ I have just closed the door
  2. at this very instant   ⇒ he's just coming in to land
  3. no more than; merely; only   ⇒ just an ordinary car
  4. exactly; precisely   ⇒ that's just what I mean
  5. by a small margin; barely   ⇒ he just got there in time
  6. (intensifier)   ⇒ it's just wonderful to see you
  7. (informal) indeed; with a vengeance   ⇒ isn't it just
  8. See just about

  9. See just a moment

  10. See just now

  11. See just on

  12. See just so

The use of just with exactly ( it's just exactly what they want) is redundant and should be avoided: it's exactly what they want

Derived Forms

ˈjustly adverb
ˈjustness noun

Word Origin

C14: from Latin jūstus righteous, from jūs justice

Quotations including 'just'

  • "Thrice is he arm'd that hath his quarrel just" [William Shakespeare

Translations for 'just'

  • British English: justPronunciation for just If you just did something, you did it a very short time ago.We just got home after an awful journey.dʒəst ADVERB
  • Arabic: لِتَوِّهِPronunciation for لِتَوِّهِ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: exatamentePronunciation for exatamente
  • Chinese: 正好Pronunciation for 正好
  • Croatian: upravoPronunciation for upravo
  • Czech: právěPronunciation for právě
  • Danish: ligePronunciation for lige
  • Dutch: zojuistPronunciation for zojuist
  • European Spanish: apenasPronunciation for apenas
  • Finnish: juuriPronunciation for juuri
  • French: justePronunciation for justesimplement
  • German: soebenPronunciation for soeben
  • Greek: μόλιςPronunciation for μόλις
  • Italian: appenaPronunciation for appena
  • Japanese: たった今Pronunciation for たった今
  • Korean: 방금Pronunciation for 방금
  • Norwegian: barePronunciation for bare
  • Polish: właśniePronunciation for właśnie
  • Portuguese: exatamentePronunciation for exatamente
  • Romanian: tocmai
  • Russian: толькоPronunciation for только
  • Spanish: ReciénPronunciation for Recién
  • Swedish: rättvisPronunciation for rättvis rättvist
  • Thai: เพิ่งPronunciation for เพิ่ง
  • Turkish: henüzPronunciation for henüz
  • Ukrainian: щойно
  • Vietnamese: mới vừaPronunciation for mới vừa

Example Sentences Including 'just'

Christian said no, slow down, just sit down, we've got to do this properly.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
The private swimming pool where I'm a member was five minutes ' walk away, just off Shaftesbury Avenue.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
He looked like he'd just been called up to the headmaster's office or something.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)


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