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knock down


verb (transitive, adverb)

  1. to strike to the ground with a blow, as in boxing
  2. (in auctions) to declare (an article) sold, as by striking a blow with a gavel
  3. to demolish
  4. to dismantle, for ease of transport
  5. (informal) to reduce (a price, etc)
  6. (Australian, slang) to spend (a cheque)
  7. (Australian, slang) to drink


knockdown (prenominal)
  1. overwhelming; powerful   ⇒ a knockdown blow
  2. (mainly British) cheap   ⇒ I got the table at a knockdown price
  3. easily dismantled   ⇒ knockdown furniture


  1. (US & Australian, slang) an introduction   ⇒ will you give me a knockdown to her?

Translations for 'knock down'

  • British English: knock down To knock down a building or part of a building means to demolish or destroy it.Why doesn't he just knock the wall down?nɒk daʊn VERB
  • Arabic: يُهَدِّمُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: derrubar com uma pancada
  • Chinese: 击倒
  • Croatian: srušiti
  • Czech: strhnout strhávatbudovu
  • Danish: slå ned
  • Dutch: neerhalen
  • European Spanish: derribar
  • Finnish: iskeä maahan
  • French: renverser
  • German: niederschlagen
  • Greek: ρίχνω κάτω με ένα χτύπημα
  • Italian: abbattere
  • Japanese: 打ち倒す
  • Korean: 때려 부수다
  • Norwegian: slå ned
  • Polish: wywrócić wywracać
  • Portuguese: derrubar
  • Romanian: a dărâma
  • Russian: сносить
  • Spanish: derribar
  • Swedish: slå ner
  • Thai: ทุบทิ้ง
  • Turkish: devirmekdüşürmek
  • Ukrainian: зносити знести
  • Vietnamese: phá hủy

Example Sentences Including 'knock down'

`Oh, well in that case let's just knock down all the prisons.
David Cavanagh MUSIC FOR BOYS (2003)


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