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Krishna1 (ˈkrɪʃnə Pronunciation for Krishna1



  1. a river in S India, rising in the Western Ghats and flowing generally southeast to the Bay of Bengal. Length: 1300 km (800 miles) Also called: Kistna

Krishna2 (ˈkrɪʃnə Pronunciation for Krishna2



  1. (Hinduism) the most celebrated of the Hindu deities, whose life story is told in the Mahabharata

Derived Forms

ˈKrishnaism noun

Word Origin

via Hindi from Sanskrit, literally: dark, black

Example Sentences Including 'Krishna'

- Lord Krishna to Arjuna, before the battle of Kurukshetra
Zindell, David The Broken God
Anastasia jumped down from the counter and shuffled away, doing her Hare Krishna dance.
Lowry, Lois Anastasia Krupnik (3-in-1)
Footballers fussed and fouled on TV at the top of the stairs outside the Krishna Restaurant.
Hyland, Paul Indian Balm - Travels in the Southern Subcontinent
Hare Krishna followers are still preparing for the ashes of Beatle George Harrison to be taken for scattering in the holy Ganges river.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Heading to Mathura, Daddo takes in a massive Hindu festival in honour of Krishna.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Krishna says Radwanski's deal was large enough to require some senior approval in the department.
Toronto Sun (2003)
Look at S. M. Krishna ; he has even defied the Supreme Court.
India Today (2002)
Now we have the Moonies, Scientology, Hare Krishna and so on, all seeking a way through the maze.
Fraser, Anthea The Gospel Makers
The river Krishna lies a few miles away, flowing east to the Bay of Bengal.
Independent (1998)


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