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Definitions of Laos

Laos (laʊz ; laʊs



  1. a republic in SE Asia: first united as the kingdom of Lan Xang ("million elephants") in 1353, after being a province of the Khmer Empire for about four centuries; made part of French Indochina in 1893 and gained independence in 1949; became a republic in 1975. It is generally forested and mountainous, with the Mekong River running almost the whole length of the W border. Official language: Laotian. Religion: Buddhist majority, tribal religions. Currency: kip. Capital: Vientiane. Pop: 6 695 166 (2013 est). Area: 236 800 sq km (91 429 sq miles). Official name: : People's Democratic Republic of Laos

Lao (laʊ


adjective, noun

  1. another name for Laotian

Laotian (ˈlaʊʃɪən or or Lao (laʊ



  1. Word forms:   plural Laotians Lao or Laos
    a member of a Buddhist people of Laos and NE Thailand, related to the Thais
  2. the language of this people, closely related to Thai



  1. of or relating to this people or their language or to Laos

Translations for 'Laos'

  • British English: Laos Laos is a republic in south-east Asia.laʊz; laʊs NOUN
  • Arabic: لَاووسٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Laos
  • Chinese: 老挝
  • Croatian: Laos
  • Czech: Laos
  • Danish: Laos
  • Dutch: Laos
  • European Spanish: Laos
  • Finnish: Laos
  • French: Laos
  • German: Laos
  • Greek: Λάος
  • Italian: Laos
  • Japanese: ラオス
  • Korean: 라오스
  • Norwegian: Laos
  • Polish: Laos
  • Portuguese: Laos
  • Romanian: Laos
  • Russian: Лаос
  • Spanish: Laos
  • Swedish: Laos
  • Thai: ประเทศลาว
  • Turkish: Laos
  • Ukrainian: Лаос
  • Vietnamese: nước Lào


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