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Definitions of lathe

lathe1 (leɪð



  1. a machine for shaping, boring, facing, or cutting a screw thread in metal, wood, etc, in which the workpiece is turned about a horizontal axis against a fixed tool



  1. (transitive) to shape, bore, or cut a screw thread in or on (a workpiece) on a lathe

Word Origin

perhaps C15 lath a support, of Scandinavian origin; compare Old Danish lad lathe, Old English hlæd heap

lathe2 (leɪð



  1. (British, history) any of the former administrative divisions of Kent

Word Origin

Old English læth district

Translations for 'lathe'

  • British English: lathe A lathe is a machine which is used for shaping wood or metal. NOUN
  • Brazilian Portuguese: torno
  • Chinese: 车床车車床
  • European Spanish: torno
  • French: tour
  • German: Drehbank
  • Italian: tornio
  • Japanese: 旋盤
  • Korean: 선반 >기계
  • Portuguese: torno
  • Spanish: torno

Example Sentences Including 'lathe'

cried General Vouros, and he whisked the handle so all the forwards spun like a lathe.
Harvey, John Coup d'Etat
Standing before a capstan lathe had made existence tolerable by providing the ambition to excel at what he was doing.
Sillitoe, Alan The Open Door
Aye, W. H. Scaife, them's my works, fresh off the lathe , I'm the poet sirrah.
Dexter Petley WHITE LIES (2003)


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