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liable  (ˈlaɪəbəl


adjective (postpositive)

  1. legally obliged or responsible; answerable
  2. susceptible or exposed; subject
  3. probable, likely, or capable   ⇒ it's liable to happen soon
The use of liable to to mean likely to was formerly considered incorrect, but is now acceptable

Derived Forms

ˈliableness  noun

Word Origin

C15: perhaps via Anglo-French, from Old French lier to bind, from Latin ligāre

Translations for 'liable'

  • British English: liable When something is liable to happen, it is very likely to happen. ADJECTIVEHe is liable to change his mind quite rapidly.likely
  • Brazilian Portuguese: passível
  • Chinese: 可能会可能会會
  • European Spanish: probable
  • French: susceptible
  • German: wahrscheinlich
  • Italian: avere molte probabilità di
  • Japanese: ~しそうである
  • Korean: ~할 경향이 있는
  • Portuguese: passível
  • Spanish: probable
  • British English: liable If people or things are liable to something unpleasant, they are likely to experience it or do it. ADJECTIVEShe will grow into a woman particularly liable to depression.susceptible
  • Brazilian Portuguese: passível
  • Chinese: 易于…的易于於…的
  • European Spanish: propenso propensa
  • French: sujet sujette
  • German: anfällig für
  • Italian: soggetto soggetta
  • Japanese: 陥りやすい
  • Korean: ~하기 쉬운
  • Portuguese: passível
  • Spanish: propenso propensa

Example Sentences Including 'liable'

She fell back on what she was always liable to say in such situations.
Ferrars, Elizabeth Thy Brother Death
But I do reiterate, anyone caught acting in breach of a prohibition order is liable to two years ' imprisonment.
It wasn't enough for him we were liable to be on American television, seen by thousands of people.
Laurie Graham MR STARLIGHT (2004)


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