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liable (ˈlaɪəbəl Pronunciation for liable


adjective (postpositive)

  1. legally obliged or responsible; answerable
  2. susceptible or exposed; subject
  3. probable, likely, or capable   ⇒ it's liable to happen soon
The use of liable to to mean likely to was formerly considered incorrect, but is now acceptable

Derived Forms

ˈliableness noun

Word Origin

C15: perhaps via Anglo-French, from Old French lier to bind, from Latin ligāre

Translations for 'liable'

  • British English: liable When something is liable to happen, it is very likely to happen. ADJECTIVEHe is liable to change his mind quite rapidly.likely
  • Brazilian Portuguese: passível
  • Chinese: 可能会可能会會
  • European Spanish: probable
  • French: susceptible
  • German: wahrscheinlich
  • Italian: avere molte probabilità di
  • Japanese: ~しそうである
  • Korean: ~할 경향이 있는
  • Portuguese: passível
  • Spanish: probable
  • British English: liable If people or things are liable to something unpleasant, they are likely to experience it or do it. ADJECTIVEShe will grow into a woman particularly liable to depression.susceptible
  • Brazilian Portuguese: passível
  • Chinese: 易于…的易于於…的
  • European Spanish: propenso propensa
  • French: sujet sujette
  • German: anfällig für
  • Italian: soggetto soggetta
  • Japanese: 陥りやすい
  • Korean: ~하기 쉬운
  • Portuguese: passível
  • Spanish: propenso propensa

Example Sentences Including 'liable'

But I do reiterate, anyone caught acting in breach of a prohibition order is liable to two years ' imprisonment.
It wasn't enough for him we were liable to be on American television, seen by thousands of people.
Laurie Graham MR STARLIGHT (2004)
She fell back on what she was always liable to say in such situations.
Ferrars, Elizabeth Thy Brother Death


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