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licence or (US) license (ˈlaɪsəns )



  1. a certificate, tag, document, etc, giving official permission to do something
  2. formal permission or exemption
  3. liberty of action or thought; freedom
  4. intentional disregard of or deviation from conventional rules to achieve a certain effect   ⇒ poetic licence
  5. excessive freedom
  6. licentiousness

Word Origin

C14: via Old French and Medieval Latin licentia permission, from Latin: freedom, from licet it is allowed

Translations for 'licence'

  • British English: licence A licence is an official document which gives you permission to do, use, or own something....his pilot's licence.ˈlaɪsəns NOUN
  • Arabic: رُخْصَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: licença
  • Chinese: 执照
  • Croatian: dozvola
  • Czech: povolení
  • Danish: tilladelse
  • Dutch: vergunning
  • European Spanish: licencia
  • Finnish: lupatodistus, toimilupa
  • French: permis
  • German: Lizenz
  • Greek: άδειαέγκριση
  • Italian: licenza
  • Japanese: 免許
  • Korean: 면허
  • Norwegian: tillatelse
  • Polish: licencja
  • Portuguese: licença
  • Romanian: licență licențe
  • Russian: разрешение
  • Spanish: licencia
  • Swedish: licens
  • Thai: ใบอนุญาต
  • Turkish: ehliyet
  • Ukrainian: ліцензія
  • Vietnamese: giấy phép

Example Sentences Including 'licence'

The sight of him, notebook in hand like some smug traffic cop taking licence numbers at a red light junction, made me very cross.
Malcolm, John The Gwen John Sculpture
One more word out of you and you'll find yourself fighting for your licence at City Hall.
Gagman, Maurice Doubtful Motives
The driver's licence said that the bearer was one Jean Michelet, a Gaspé resident, profession truck driver.
Gagman, Maurice Doubtful Motives


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