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likely (ˈlaɪklɪ Pronunciation for likely



  1. (usually followed by an infinitive) tending or inclined; apt   ⇒ likely to rain
  2. probable   ⇒ a likely result
  3. believable or feasible; plausible
  4. appropriate for a purpose or activity
  5. having good possibilities of success   ⇒ a likely candidate
  6. (dialect, mainly US) attractive, agreeable, or enjoyable   ⇒ her likely ways won her many friends


  1. probably or presumably
  2. See as likely as not

Likely as an adverb is preceded by another, intensifying adverb, as in it will very likely rain or it will most likely rain. Its use without an intensifier, as in it will likely rain is regarded as unacceptable by most users of British English, though it is common in colloquial US English

Word Origin

C14: from Old Norse līkligr


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= inclined, disposed, prone, liable, tending, apt
= probable, expected, anticipated, odds-on, on the cards, to be expected
= probably, no doubt, presumably, in all probability, like enough, doubtlessly, like as not

Translations for 'likely'

  • British English: likelyPronunciation for likely You use likely to indicate that something is probably true or will probably happen in a particular situation.When people see that something actually works, they are much more likely to accept change.ˈlaɪklɪ ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: مُحْتَمَلٌPronunciation for مُحْتَمَلٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: provávelPronunciation for provável
  • Chinese: 很可能的Pronunciation for 很可能的
  • Croatian: vjerojatnoPronunciation for vjerojatno
  • Czech: pravděpodobnýPronunciation for pravděpodobný
  • Danish: sandsynligPronunciation for sandsynlig
  • Dutch: waarschijnlijkPronunciation for waarschijnlijk
  • European Spanish: probablePronunciation for probable
  • Finnish: todennäköinenPronunciation for todennäköinen
  • French: probablePronunciation for probable
  • German: wahrscheinlichPronunciation for wahrscheinlich
  • Greek: πιθανόςPronunciation for πιθανός πιθανή
  • Italian: probabilePronunciation for probabile
  • Japanese: ・・・しそうなPronunciation for ・・・しそうな
  • Korean: 있을 법한Pronunciation for 있을 법한
  • Norwegian: sannsynligPronunciation for sannsynlig
  • Polish: prawdopodobnyPronunciation for prawdopodobny prawdopodobna
  • Portuguese: provávelPronunciation for provável
  • Romanian: probabil probabil, probabilă, probabili, probabile
  • Russian: возможныйPronunciation for возможный возможная
  • Spanish: probablePronunciation for probable
  • Swedish: sannolikPronunciation for sannolik sannolikt
  • Thai: เป็นไปได้Pronunciation for เป็นไปได้
  • Turkish: olasıPronunciation for olası
  • Ukrainian: ймовірний
  • Vietnamese: có thể xảy raPronunciation for có thể xảy ra

Example Sentences Including 'likely'

In a forest grave, most likely , he thought bitterly, not dug by human hands.
Were it not for Adrina, Cratyn would more than likely have ignored the Hythrun refusal to surrender.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
I said last time that his growing confidence is likely to be his downfall.
Anthony Masters CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD (2001)


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