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Definitions of loaf

loaf1 (ləʊf



Word forms:   plural loaves  (ləʊvz
  1. a shaped mass of baked bread
  2. any shaped or moulded mass of food, such as cooked meat
  3. (slang) the head; sense   ⇒  ■ use your loaf!

Word Origin

Old English hlāf; related to Old High German hleib bread, Old Norse hleifr, Latin libum cake


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= lump, block, cake, cube, slab
= head, mind, sense, common sense, block (informal), nous (British) (slang), chump (British) (slang), gumption (British) (informal), noddle (informal) (mainly British)

loaf2 (ləʊf



  1. (intransitive) to loiter or lounge around in an idle way
  2. (transitive) foll by away to spend (time) idly   ⇒  ■ he loafed away his life

Word Origin

C19: perhaps back formation from loafer


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= idle, hang around, take it easy, lie around, loiter, loll, laze, lounge around, doss (British) (slang), veg out (slang) (mainly US), be indolent
= fritter away, waste time, while away, kill time, pass time

Translations for 'loaf'

  • British English: loaf A loaf of bread is bread in a shape that can be cut into slices.ləʊf NOUN
  • Arabic: رَغِيْفٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pão de forma
  • Chinese: 一条面包
  • Croatian: štruca
  • Czech: bochník
  • Danish: brød
  • Dutch: brood
  • European Spanish: hogaza de pan
  • Finnish: leipä
  • French: pain
  • German: Laib
  • Greek: φραντζόλα
  • Italian: pagnotta
  • Japanese: パンのひと塊
  • Korean: 덩어리
  • Norwegian: brød
  • Polish: bochenek
  • Portuguese: pão de forma
  • Romanian: franzelă franzele
  • Russian: буханка
  • Spanish: barra de pan
  • Swedish: limpa
  • Thai: ก้อนขนมปัง
  • Turkish: somun somunlarekmek
  • Ukrainian: паляниця
  • Vietnamese:

Example Sentences Including 'loaf'

A clay cup with a broken handle followed, and after that a loaf of brown bread, reasonably fresh.
Kerr, Katharine A Time of War
Even the very air she breathed had the smooth texture of a rich white loaf.
Heller, Keith Man's Loving Family
A waitress, small and pale with a spotty face, hurried by, her tray piled high with teacakes and currant loaf.
Haines, Pamela The Golden Lion


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