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maiden name



  1. a woman's surname before marriage

Translations for 'maiden name'

  • British English: maiden namePronunciation for maiden name A married woman's maiden name is her parents' surname, which she used before she got married and started using her husband's surname.What was your mother's maiden name?ˈmeɪdn neɪm NOUN
  • Arabic: لَقَبُ الْـمَرْأةِ قَبْلَ الزَّوَاجِPronunciation for لَقَبُ الْـمَرْأةِ قَبْلَ الزَّوَاجِ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: nome de solteiraPronunciation for nome de solteira
  • Chinese: 娘家姓Pronunciation for 娘家姓
  • Croatian: djevojačko prezimePronunciation for djevojačko prezime
  • Czech: jméno za svobodnaPronunciation for jméno za svobodna
  • Danish: pigenavn før ægteskabetPronunciation for pigenavn før ægteskabet
  • Dutch: meisjesnaamPronunciation for meisjesnaam
  • European Spanish: apellido de solteraPronunciation for apellido de soltera
  • Finnish: tyttönimiPronunciation for tyttönimi
  • French: nom de jeune fillePronunciation for nom de jeune fille
  • German: MädchennamePronunciation for Mädchenname
  • Greek: πατρικό όνομαPronunciation for πατρικό όνομα
  • Italian: cognome da nubilePronunciation for cognome da nubile
  • Japanese: 女性の結婚前の旧姓Pronunciation for 女性の結婚前の旧姓
  • Korean: 결혼 전의 성Pronunciation for 결혼 전의 성
  • Norwegian: pikenavnPronunciation for pikenavn
  • Polish: nazwisko panieńskiePronunciation for nazwisko panieńskie
  • Portuguese: nome de solteiraPronunciation for nome de solteira
  • Romanian: nume de fată nume de fată
  • Russian: девичья фамилияPronunciation for девичья фамилия
  • Spanish: apellido de solteraPronunciation for apellido de soltera
  • Swedish: flicknamnPronunciation for flicknamnnamn som ogift
  • Thai: ชื่อสกุลของหญิงก่อนแต่งงานPronunciation for ชื่อสกุลของหญิงก่อนแต่งงาน
  • Turkish: kızlık soyadıPronunciation for kızlık soyadı
  • Ukrainian: дівоче прізвище
  • Vietnamese: tên thời con gáiPronunciation for tên thời con gái

Example Sentences Including 'maiden name'

I wonder if Robin knows it - her mother's maiden name , I mean.
Brent-Dyer, Elinor Adrienne and the Chalet School
Everything's top secret these days. They won't even give you Margaret Thatcher's maiden name without a password.
Hinxman, Margaret The Sound of Murder
He'd asked her if his father's name had really been Kelly, since that seemed to be her maiden name , too.
McCorquodale, Robin Dansville


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