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man up



  1. (intransitive, adverb) (informal) to adopt a sufficiently resolute approach or course of action

Example Sentences Including 'man up'

If I were in charge I'd put a car here to cover the approach track and a man up here with night glasses and a radio.
Ruell, Patrick The Only Game
In English money it would be close to three thousand pounds, sufficient to set a man up in luxury for life.
Bernard Cornwell The Grail Quest (3) HERETIC (2004)
Luke Power also ran amok and rebounding defender Chris Johnson did as he pleased against Brent Guerra, who failed to chase and man up.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)
One day in the summer of 1969 Frank was asked to drive a man up to Belfast.
O'Connor, Joe Desperadoes
Phil Hogan argued that a team should always have a big man up front, a tactic on which Jack Charlton relied.
Irish Times (2002)
`I gave your man up there a hundred dollars to let me go back tomorrow night.
O'Connor, Joe Desperadoes


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