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manic depression (psychiatry)



  1. a mental health problem characterized by an alternation between extreme euphoria and deep depression
Though manic depression, manic-depressive are still often used by the general public, they are seen as having negative connotations. The preferred terms nowadays are bipolar disorder and experiencing bipolar disorder

Example Sentences Including 'manic depression'

- Support Group - A depression and manic depression mutual support group meets Tues.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
About 10 per cent are psychotic, either through schizophrenia or manic depression.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)
Or on the let-down maybe, in a fit of manic depression... "He gave a little shrug, a gesture of finality.
Innes, Hammond High Stand
Some research suggests that there is, if not a known genetic link, then certainly a predisposition to developing manic depression.
Dorothy Rowe BEYOND FEAR (2002)
The main differential diagnosis of delirium is from a functional psychosis (such as schizophrenia and manic depression ) and from dementia.
British Medical Journal (2002)
Tonight's topic will be surviving depression and manic depression : Personal accounts.
Ottawa Sun (2003)


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