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manicure (ˈmænɪˌkjʊə Pronunciation for manicure



  1. care of the hands and fingernails, involving shaping the nails, removing cuticles, etc
  2. another word for manicurist


  1. to care for (the hands and fingernails) in this way
  2. (transitive) to trim neatly

Word Origin

C19: from French, from Latin manus hand + cūra care

Translations for 'manicure'

  • British English: manicurePronunciation for manicure A manicure is the cosmetic procedure of having the skin on your hands softened and your nails cut and polished.I have a manicure occasionally.ˈmænɪˌkjʊə NOUN
  • Arabic: تَدْرِيـمُ الْأَظَافِرPronunciation for تَدْرِيـمُ الْأَظَافِر
  • Brazilian Portuguese: manicurePronunciation for manicure
  • Chinese: 修指甲Pronunciation for 修指甲
  • Croatian: manikiranjePronunciation for manikiranje
  • Czech: manikúraPronunciation for manikúra
  • Danish: manicurePronunciation for manicure
  • Dutch: manicurePronunciation for manicurehandverzorging
  • European Spanish: manicuraPronunciation for manicura
  • Finnish: käsi- ja kynsihoitoPronunciation for käsi- ja kynsihoito
  • French: manucurePronunciation for manucure
  • German: ManikürePronunciation for Maniküre
  • Greek: μανικιούρPronunciation for μανικιούρ
  • Italian: manicurePronunciation for manicure
  • Japanese: マニキュアPronunciation for マニキュア
  • Korean: 매니큐어Pronunciation for 매니큐어
  • Norwegian: manikyrPronunciation for manikyr
  • Polish: manicurePronunciation for manicure
  • Portuguese: manicuraPronunciation for manicura
  • Romanian: manichiură manichiuri
  • Russian: маникюрPronunciation for маникюр
  • Spanish: manicuraPronunciation for manicura
  • Swedish: manikyrPronunciation for manikyr
  • Thai: การทำเล็บPronunciation for การทำเล็บ
  • Turkish: manikürPronunciation for manikür
  • Ukrainian: манікюр
  • Vietnamese: sự cắt sửa móng tayPronunciation for sự cắt sửa móng tay
  • British English: manicurePronunciation for manicure If you manicure your hands or nails, you care for them by softening your skin and cutting and polishing your nails.He was surprised to see how carefully she had manicured her broad hands.ˈmænɪˌkjʊə VERB
  • Arabic: يُدَّرِمُ الْأَظَافِرPronunciation for يُدَّرِمُ الْأَظَافِر
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cuidar das unhasPronunciation for cuidar das unhas
  • Chinese: 修剪Pronunciation for 修剪
  • Croatian: manikiratiPronunciation for manikirati
  • Czech: manikýrovatPronunciation for manikýrovat
  • Danish: manicurerePronunciation for manicurere
  • Dutch: manicurenPronunciation for manicuren
  • European Spanish: hacer la manicuraPronunciation for hacer la manicura
  • Finnish: hoitaa käsiä ja kynsiäPronunciation for hoitaa käsiä ja kynsiä
  • French: manucurerPronunciation for manucurer
  • German: manikürenPronunciation for maniküren
  • Greek: κάνω μανικιούρPronunciation for κάνω μανικιούρ
  • Italian: fare la manicurePronunciation for fare la manicure
  • Japanese: マニキュアを塗るPronunciation for マニキュアを塗る
  • Korean: 매니큐어를 하다Pronunciation for 매니큐어를 하다
  • Norwegian: stelle hendenePronunciation for stelle hendene
  • Polish: zrobić manicurePronunciation for zrobić manicure robić manicure
  • Portuguese: cuidar das unhasPronunciation for cuidar das unhas
  • Romanian: a-și face manichiura
  • Russian: делать маникюрPronunciation for делать маникюр
  • Spanish: hacer la manicuraPronunciation for hacer la manicura
  • Swedish: manikyreraPronunciation for manikyrera
  • Thai: ทำเล็บPronunciation for ทำเล็บ
  • Turkish: manikür yapmakPronunciation for manikür yapmak
  • Ukrainian: робити манікюр
  • Vietnamese: cắt sửa móng tayPronunciation for cắt sửa móng tay

Example Sentences Including 'manicure'

Re pedicure/ manicure for Dan, unlikely as Dan considers changing his socks the height of good grooming.
Bénédicte Newland and Pascale Smets AND GOD CREATED THE AU PAIR (2005)
Her face was all blotchy red and she was clenching her fists without even thinking about her manicure.
Hodgman, Ann My Babysitter Bites Back
Walt and I celebrated yesterday by both having a manicure & pedicure at Bliss Spa.
Bénédicte Newland and Pascale Smets AND GOD CREATED THE AU PAIR (2005)


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