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manipulate  (məˈnɪpjʊˌleɪt



  1. (transitive) to handle or use, esp with some skill, in a process or action   ⇒ to manipulate a pair of scissors
  2. to negotiate, control, or influence (something or someone) cleverly, skilfully, or deviously
  3. to falsify (a bill, accounts, etc) for one's own advantage
  4. (in physiotherapy) to examine or treat manually, as in loosening a joint

Derived Forms

manipulability  (məˌnɪpjʊləˈbɪlɪtɪ   noun
maˈnipuˌlatable, maˈnipulable  adjective
maˌnipuˈlation  noun
maˈnipulative  adjective
maˈnipulatively  adverb
maˈnipuˌlator  noun
maˈnipulatory  adjective

Word Origin

C19: back formation from manipulation, from Latin manipulus handful


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= influence, control, direct, guide, conduct, negotiate, exploit, steer, manoeuvre, do a number on (mainly US), twist around your little finger
= massage, rub, knead, palpate
= falsify, alter, distort, change, doctor, cook (informal), rig, interfere with, fiddle with (informal), juggle, tamper with, tinker with, misrepresent

Translations for 'manipulate'

  • British English: manipulate If you say that someone manipulates people or events, you disapprove of them because they control or influence them to produce a particular result.She manipulated Terry into giving her a job.məˈnɪpjʊˌleɪt VERB
  • Arabic: يَتَلَاعَبُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: manipular
  • Chinese: 操纵
  • Croatian: manipulirati
  • Czech: manipulovat zmanipulovat
  • Danish: manipulere
  • Dutch: manipuleren
  • European Spanish: manipular
  • Finnish: manipuloida
  • French: manipuler
  • German: manipulieren
  • Greek: χειρίζομαι επιδέξια
  • Italian: manipolare
  • Japanese: 巧みに扱う
  • Korean: 조종하다
  • Norwegian: håndtere
  • Polish: zmanipulować manipulować
  • Portuguese: manipular
  • Romanian: a manipula
  • Russian: манипулировать
  • Spanish: manipular
  • Swedish: manipulera
  • Thai: ชักใย
  • Turkish: idare etmek
  • Ukrainian: маніпулювати
  • Vietnamese: thao túng

Example Sentences Including 'manipulate'

The conversation reconstructed from Strauss's ravings showed us he could not manipulate the Device.
Asimov, Isaac The Complete Stories Volume 2
Our brain knows what muscles to manipulate without our conscious thought.
James Birrell THE MANANA MAN (2002)
Far better than issuing the tired blasts from Pravda if you could manipulate the Western press into doing the job for you.
Forbes, Colin Cover Story


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