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Marshall Islands (ˈmɑːʃəl Pronunciation for Marshall Islands


plural noun

  1. a republic, consisting of a group of 34 coral islands in the W central Pacific: formerly part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (1947–87); status of free association with the US from 1986; consists of two parallel chains, Ralik and Ratak. Official languages: Marshallese and English. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: US dollar. Capital: Delap-Uliga-Djarrit, on Majuro atoll. Pop: 69 747 (2013 est). Area: (land) 181 sq km (70 sq miles); (lagoon) 11 655 sq km (4500 sq miles)

Example Sentences Including 'Marshall Islands'

Mick Bird took 23 months for the trip, stopping in Hawaii and the Marshall Islands.
Misc (1999)
The ship was near the Marshall Islands when news arrived of the bombing of Hiroshima -which he always felt saved his life.
Times, Sunday Times (2001)
There are nations that some may never have heard of: Palau, the Marshall Islands , Micronesia.
Spiked (2003)
They are: Andorra, Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Marshall Islands , Nauru, San Marino, Sweden and Switzerland.
New Zealand Herald (2003)


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