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masterstroke (ˈmɑːstəˌstrəʊk Pronunciation for masterstroke



  1. an outstanding piece of strategy, skill, talent, etc   ⇒ your idea is a masterstroke


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= act of genius, victory, triumph, coup, complete success, successful manoeuvre

Example Sentences Including 'masterstroke'

But Family First's masterstroke was to get Labor to agree that each would put the other ahead of both the Greens and the Libs.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2004)
Despite Alex James's air of political nonchalance, Kalynuk's next masterstroke was designed to ensure that he did not feel left out.
John Harris THE LAST PARTY: Britpop, Blair and the demise of English rock (2003)
In a masterstroke of gamesmanship I fooled myself into believing that I was ready to handle a mortgage.
James Birrell THE MANANA MAN (2002)
Sinclair, on a whim that was a PR masterstroke , allowed the pressmen in before most of the prisoners had been evacuated.
Kippax, Frank The Scar
There are no alluring product-features to be designed, no branding brilliance to be showcased, no marketing masterstroke to be executed.
Business Today (1999)
To have convinced Hillsden that he would be justified in killing Calder was a masterstroke.
Forbes, Bryan A Song at Twilight
Tribunal masterstroke boosts Lions ' hopes of a fourth flag - Brown saved by the bell
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)
Whether by accident or design, the ambiguity has proved a political masterstroke for Labour.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)


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