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Definitions of match

match1  (mætʃ



  1. a formal game or sports event in which people, teams, etc, compete to win
  2. a person or thing able to provide competition for another   ⇒ she's met her match in talking ability
  3. a person or thing that resembles, harmonizes with, or is equivalent to another in a specified respect   ⇒ that coat is a good match for your hat
  4. a person or thing that is an exact copy or equal of another
    1. a partnership between a man and a woman, as in marriage
    2. an arrangement for such a partnership
  5. a person regarded as a possible partner, as in marriage

verb (mainly transitive)

  1. to fit (parts) together   ⇒ to match the tongue and groove of boards
  2. (also intransitive) sometimes foll by up to resemble, harmonize with, correspond to, or equal (one another or something else)   ⇒ the skirt matches your shoes well
  3. sometimes foll by with or against to compare in order to determine which is the superior   ⇒ they matched wits
  4. often foll by to or with to adapt so as to correspond with   ⇒ to match hope with reality
  5. often foll by with or against to arrange a competition between
  6. to find a match for
  7. (electronics) to connect (two circuits) so that their impedances are equal or are equalized by a coupling device, to produce a maximum transfer of energy

Derived Forms

ˈmatchable  adjective
ˈmatcher  noun
ˈmatching  adjective

Word Origin

Old English gemæcca spouse; related to Old High German gimmaha wife, Old Norse maki mate


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= game, test, competition, trial, tie, contest, fixture, bout, head-to-head
= replica, double, copy, twin, equal, spit (informal) (mainly British), duplicate, lookalike, ringer (slang), spitting image (informal), dead ringer (slang), spit and image (informal)
= correspond with, suit, go with, complement, fit with, accompany, team with, blend with, tone with, harmonize with, coordinate with
= go together, be the same, be a set
= correspond, agree, accord, square, coincide, tally, conform, match up, be compatible, harmonize, be consonant
= rival, equal, compete with, compare with, emulate, contend with, measure up to

match2  (mætʃ



  1. a thin strip of wood or cardboard tipped with a chemical that ignites by friction when rubbed on a rough surface or a surface coated with a suitable chemical See safety match
  2. a length of cord or wick impregnated with a chemical so that it burns slowly. It is used to fire cannons, explosives, etc

Word Origin

C14: from Old French meiche, perhaps from Latin myxa wick, from Greek muxa lamp nozzle

Translations for 'match'

  • British English: match A match is a game of football, cricket, or some other sport.We won all our matches last year.mætʃ NOUNgame
  • Arabic: مُبَارَاةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: jogo
  • Chinese: 比赛
  • Croatian: utakmica
  • Czech: zápas
  • Danish: kamp
  • Dutch: wedstrijd
  • European Spanish: partido
  • Finnish: ottelu
  • French: match
  • German: Spiel
  • Greek: αγώναςαθλητικός
  • Italian: partita
  • Japanese: 試合sport
  • Korean: 경기시합
  • Norwegian: kampsport
  • Polish: mecz
  • Portuguese: jogo
  • Romanian: meci meciuri
  • Russian: матч
  • Spanish: partido
  • Swedish: match
  • Thai: การแข่งขัน
  • Turkish: maç
  • Ukrainian: матч
  • Vietnamese: trận đấu
  • British English: match If things or people are a good match, they look good together or go well together.She was a perfect match for him.mætʃ NOUNgood
  • Arabic: مُتَوَافِقُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: companheiro companheira
  • Chinese: 匹配
  • Croatian: par
  • Czech: partiepartnerský vztah
  • Danish: match
  • Dutch: koppelstelletje
  • European Spanish: parejaemparejamiento
  • Finnish: liittokumppanuus
  • French: alliance
  • German: Partie
  • Greek: ταίριασμα
  • Italian: compagno compagna
  • Japanese: 縁組みpartnership
  • Korean: 쌍의 한쪽
  • Norwegian: partipartnerskap
  • Polish: dopasowanie
  • Portuguese: companheiro companheira
  • Romanian: compatibilitate compatibilități
  • Russian: партия
  • Spanish: parejaunión de dos personas, animales o cosas
  • Swedish: parti
  • Thai: คู่ที่เหมาะสมกัน
  • Turkish: denkuygun
  • Ukrainian: пара
  • Vietnamese: sự kết đôi
  • British English: match If one thing matches another, they look good together.Do these shoes match my dress?I am wearing socks that don't match.mætʃ VERB
  • Arabic: يَتَطَابَقُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: combinar
  • Chinese: 匹配
  • Croatian: pristajati
  • Czech: hodit se (k sobě)
  • Danish: matche
  • Dutch: passen bij
  • European Spanish: combinar bien
  • Finnish: sovittaa yhteen
  • French: être assorti
  • German: passen
  • Greek: συνταιριάζω
  • Italian: abbinare
  • Japanese: マッチさせる
  • Korean: 어울리다
  • Norwegian: passe sammen med
  • Polish: dopasować dopasowywać
  • Portuguese: combinar
  • Romanian: a se potrivi
  • Russian: подходить
  • Spanish: equiparar
  • Swedish: matcha
  • Thai: เหมาะกัน
  • Turkish: uydurmak
  • Ukrainian: підходити підійти
  • Vietnamese: ghép
  • British English: matchmætʃ A match is a small, thin stick that makes a flame when you rub it on a rough surface.She lit a match and held it up to the candle. NOUNmatchstick
  • Arabic: عُودُ كِبْرِيت
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fósforo
  • Chinese: 火柴
  • Croatian: šibica
  • Czech: zápalka
  • Danish: tændstik
  • Dutch: lucifer
  • European Spanish: cerilla
  • Finnish: tulitikku
  • French: allumette
  • German: Streichholz
  • Greek: σπίρτο
  • Italian: fiammifero
  • Japanese: マッチ
  • Korean: 성냥
  • Norwegian: fyrstikk
  • Polish: zapałka
  • Portuguese: fósforo
  • Romanian: chibrit chibrituri
  • Russian: спичка
  • Spanish: fósforo
  • Swedish: tändsticka
  • Thai: ไม้ขีด
  • Turkish: kibrit
  • Ukrainian: сірник
  • Vietnamese: diêm

Example Sentences Including 'match'

Her panties were white lace, to match the bra, in a G-string style with a delicate transparent see through panel at the front.
Stuart Harrison BETTER THAN THIS (2002)
But I'm telling you, we couldn't have found a better match if we'd gone looking.
The hound had grown and was now the size of a desert lion, with teeth and claws to match.


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