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mawkish  (ˈmɔːkɪʃ



  1. falsely sentimental, esp in a weak or maudlin way
  2. nauseating or insipid in flavour, smell, etc

Derived Forms

ˈmawkishly  adverb
ˈmawkishness  noun

Word Origin

C17: from obsolete mawk maggot + -ish


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= sentimental, emotional, feeble, mushy (informal), soppy (British) (informal), maudlin, slushy (informal), schmaltzy (slang), icky (informal), gushy (informal), three-hankie (informal)

Example Sentences Including 'mawkish'

You've broken free from all that mawkish living in the past.
Stewart, Michael Compulsion
Juvenile and mawkish , self-pitying and full of grand assumptions about my own signi.
Robin Hobb THE GOLDEN FOOL: Book Two of the Tawny Man (2002)


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