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mazy (ˈmeɪzɪ Pronunciation for mazy



Word forms:  mazier,  maziest
  1. of or like a maze; perplexing or confused

Derived Forms

ˈmazily adverb
ˈmaziness noun


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= twisting, winding, twisting and turning, serpentine, labyrinthine

Example Sentences Including 'mazy'

But it'ud be nice to know what's really going on in that mazy mind of thine.
Anthony Masters CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD (2001)
In the mazy Al-Baq'a refugee camp, Ammar's music is echoing through the squares and alleyways.
The Australian (2004)
Sneijder, too, pushed forward in an attacking role, trying to pry open the German defence with his mazy dribbling and accurate passes.
CBC (2004)


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