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McMillan (məkˈmɪlən Pronunciation for McMillan



  1. Edwin M(attison). 1907–91, US physicist; Nobel prize for chemistry 1951 (with Glenn Seaborg) for the discovery of transuranic elements

Example Sentences Including 'McMillan'

" It got to the point in Pittsburgh where we had to pay cash for the buses we took, " McMillan recalled.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
By all accounts she offered Wigan Athletic footballer Steve McMillan , 475,000 in cash for the detached five-bedroom property.
Megastar (2005)
Colin Lennox almost scored a third for Dumfries five minutes later when he hit great shot which keeper Willie McMillan just managed to stop.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Curling Hammy McMillan 's Olympic team got off to a winning start at this weekend's WCT Montreal Open in Canada.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
The previous amateur to win a Canadian Tour title was Rob McMillan of Winnipeg, who won the 1996 Manitoba Open.
Toronto Sun (2003)
Whilst working on the plane I lived in the empty McMillan house and Marie and Phyllis kindly fed me from their own sparse supplies.
King, Stuart Hope Has Wings


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