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Definitions of meeting

meeting  (ˈmiːtɪŋ



  1. an act of coming together; encounter
  2. an assembly or gathering
  3. a conjunction or union
  4. a sporting competition, as of athletes, or of horse racing

meet1  (miːt



Word forms:   meets,  meeting,  met
  1. sometimes foll by up or(US) with to come together (with), either by design or by accident; encounter   ⇒ I met him unexpectedly,   ⇒ we met at the station
  2. to come into or be in conjunction or contact with (something or each other)   ⇒ the roads meet in the town,   ⇒ the sea meets the sky
  3. (transitive) to come to or be at the place of arrival of   ⇒ to meet a train
  4. to make the acquaintance of or be introduced to (someone or each other)   ⇒ have you two met?
  5. to gather in the company of (someone or each other)   ⇒ the board of directors meets on Tuesday
  6. to come into the presence of (someone or each other) as opponents   ⇒ Joe meets Fred in the boxing match
  7. (transitive) to cope with effectively; satisfy   ⇒ to meet someone's demands
  8. (transitive) to be apparent to (esp in the phrase meet the eye)
  9. (transitive) to return or counter   ⇒ to meet a blow with another
  10. to agree with (someone or each other)   ⇒ we met him on the price he suggested
  11. (transitive) sometimes foll by with to experience; suffer   ⇒ he met his death in a road accident
  12. to occur together   ⇒ courage and kindliness met in him
  13. (transitive) (Caribbean) to find (a person, situation, etc) in a specified condition   ⇒ I met the door open
  14. See meet and greet


  1. the assembly of hounds, huntsmen, etc, prior to a hunt
  2. a meeting, esp a sports meeting
  3. (US) the place where the paths of two railway trains meet or cross
  4. See meet-and-greet

Derived Forms

ˈmeeter  noun

Word Origin

Old English mētan; related to Old Norse mœta, Old Saxon mōtian


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= encounter, come across, run into, happen on, find, contact, confront, bump into (informal), run across, chance on, come face to face with
= be introduced to, get to know, make the acquaintance of
= gather, collect, assemble, get together, rally, come together, muster, convene, congregate, foregather
= fulfil, match (up to), answer, perform, handle, carry out, equal, satisfy, cope with, discharge, comply with, come up to, conform to, gratify, measure up to
= pay for, clear, settle, square, honour, satisfy, account for, discharge
= converge, unite, join, cross, touch, connect, come together, link up, adjoin, intersect, abut
= sports event, competition, tournament, contest

Translations for 'meeting'

  • British English: meeting A meeting is an event at which a group of people come together to discuss things or make decisions.He travels to the city regularly for business meetings.ˈmiːtɪŋ NOUN
  • Arabic: اجْتِمَاعٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: reunião
  • Chinese: 会议
  • Croatian: sastanak
  • Czech: schůzka
  • Danish: møde
  • Dutch: vergadering
  • European Spanish: reuniónencuentro
  • Finnish: tapaaminenkokous
  • French: réunion
  • German: Treffen Treffen
  • Greek: συνάντηση
  • Italian: incontro
  • Japanese: 会議
  • Korean: 만남
  • Norwegian: møte
  • Polish: spotkaniezebranie
  • Portuguese: reunião
  • Romanian: întâlnire întâlniri
  • Russian: встреча
  • Spanish: reunión
  • Swedish: möte
  • Thai: การประชุม
  • Turkish: buluşma
  • Ukrainian: зустріч
  • Vietnamese: cuộc họp

Example Sentences Including 'meeting'

On the morning following the meeting with Prince Cratyn word was passed through the camp that Medalon would surrender.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
She just nodded back at him, meeting his frostiness with her own.
Jon Cleary YESTERDAY'S SHADOW (2002)
You should find it an enlightening experience, meeting someone who is not in awe of you.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)


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