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metropolis (mɪˈtrɒpəlɪs Pronunciation for metropolis



(plural) -lises
  1. the main city, esp of a country or region; capital
  2. a centre of activity
  3. the chief see in an ecclesiastical province

Word Origin

C16: from Late Latin from Greek: mother city or state, from mētēr mother + polis city


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= city, town, capital, big city, municipality, conurbation, megalopolis

Translations for 'metropolis'

  • British English: metropolis A metropolis is the largest, busiest, and most important city in a country or region. NOUN...the bustling metropolis.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: metrópole
  • Chinese: 大都会 
  • European Spanish: metrópoli
  • French: métropole
  • German: Metropole
  • Italian: metropoli
  • Japanese: 大都市
  • Korean: 대도시
  • Portuguese: metrópole
  • Spanish: metrópoli

Example Sentences Including 'metropolis'

As Los Angeles grew in size and affluence towns out in the Simi Valley, the Grove among them, became dormitories for the metropolis.
Away from the metropolis the fun was less sophisticated.
Patrick Bishop FIGHTER BOYS: Saving Britain 1940 (2003)
I assure you Limehouse is on the easternmost edge of the metropolis.
Fidelis Morgan THE RIVAL QUEENS: A Countess Ashby de la Zouche Mystery (2002)
In Mogadishu a downtrodden populace paraded with joy when US troops marched into their mutilated metropolis.
New Zealand Herald (2003)
Ingenious fantasy starring cuddly mutants who bottle children's screams to power their monster metropolis.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
It would provide regional centres with strong anchors to ensure they were not overshadowed by the booming metropolis.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Moving to a metropolis or a big city will help you communicate with prospective employers directly.
Business Today (2000)
Roughly the size of Toronto, Baghdad is a sprawling, impoverished metropolis of about five million people.
Globe and Mail (2003)
To help compose ourselves before we are launched into the metropolis ?
Barbara Erskine SANDS OF TIME (2003)


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