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Middlesex (ˈmɪdəlˌsɛks Pronunciation for Middlesex



  1. a former county of SE England: became mostly part of N and W Greater London in 1965 Middx

Example Sentences Including 'Middlesex'

Cambridge won the toss and unexpectedly chose the Middlesex side, handing the advantage of the mid-race Surrey bend to Oxford.
Glasgow Herald (2002)
Geography and Planning Paper 10. Enfield: School of Geography and Planning, Middlesex Polytechnic.
Brindley,Tim & Rydin, Yvonne & Stoker, Gerry Remaking Planning: the politics of urban change in the Thatcher years
He was for the present in a lowly registrar's position at the North Middlesex Hospital, and a frequent visitor to Castleton House.
Meek, M R D In Remembrance of Rose
In England last year, I missed out on a game by a matter of days when Middlesex played Surrey in front of 26,000 fans.
The Advertiser, Sunday Mail (2005)
Last week at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court in London, the star's sentence was reduced to two months from six.
NME (New Musical Express) (2003)
Lise Bernard had been sent along the road to the Middlesex Hospital.
Penelope Fitzgerald HUMAN VOICES (2003)
Middlesex did their best to set Kent a challenging target after rain interrupted their innings.
The Australian (2004)
`I feel a lot safer here than I did in Middlesex ,' he once said.
David Cavanagh MUSIC FOR BOYS (2003)


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