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mindful (ˈmaɪndfʊl Pronunciation for mindful



  1. usually postpositive and foll by of keeping aware; heedful   ⇒ mindful of your duties

Derived Forms

ˈmindfully adverb

Translations for 'mindful'

  • British English: mindful If you are mindful of something, you think about it and consider it when taking action. ADJECTIVEWe must be mindful of the consequences of selfishness.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cioso
  • Chinese: 留意的
  • European Spanish: consciente
  • French: conscient consciente
  • German: bewusst
  • Italian: conscio conscia
  • Japanese: 心に留めて
  • Korean: 염두에 두는
  • Portuguese: cioso ciosa
  • Spanish: consciente

Example Sentences Including 'mindful'

But I held back, mindful of the last time I set about the New World.
Edward Docx THE CALLIGRAPHER (2003)
The woman gripped the little girl fiercely and then, mindful of Bettina's gaze, smiled at her in exaggerated fashion.
Appiganesi, Lisa Dreams of Innocence
`Stop talking that way," I hissed to her, mindful that someone was waiting to speak to me on the telephone.
Tapply, William G Follow the Sharks


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